~ JBIWDMIR ~ Just Because It Works Doesn’t Make It Right

~ PDBWYD-TBWYDI ~ People Don’t Buy WHAT You Do – They Buy WHY You Do It

~ CD&C ~ Clarity, Discipline And Consistency

~ EYSAEYDHTPWYB ~ Everything You Say And Everything You Do Has To Prove What You Believe

~ IYDKW-YCKH ~ If You Don’t Know WHY – You Can’t Know HOW

~ TINAC ~ Trust Is Not A Checklist

~ WMBW-SJH ~ When Motivated By WHY – Success Just Happens

~ IHATE ~ Innovation Happens At The Edges

~ GTPSTBI ~ Give The People Something To Believe In

~ TCTWTTSOATWB ~ To Change The World Takes The Support Of All Those Who Believe

~ CINAS-IAL ~ Communication Is Not About Speaking – It’s About Listening

~ VIAF-NAC-IIP ~ Value Is A Feeling – Not A Calculation – It Is Perception

~ FCOAS-SITGC ~ For Companies Of Any Size – Success Is The Greatest Challenge

~ AOSWW-BOTGOKTWCYAY ~ All Organizations Start With Why – But Only The Great Ones Keep Their Why Clear Year After Year

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