~ EIR-EWISB ~ Everything Is Relative – Even When It Shouldn’t Be

~ TPOP-AEE-IUITA ~ The Price Of Pearls – And Everything Else – Is Up In The Air

~ WOPTMWWPN ~ We Often Pay Too Much When We Pay Nothing

~ WAHTDT-BNWWAPTDT ~ We Are Happy To Do Things – But Not When We Are Paid To Do Them

~ HIMHTWR ~ Hot Is Much Hotter Than We Realize

~ WCMODOWWWTO ~ We Cant Make Ourselves Do What We Want To Do

~ WOWWH ~ We Overvalue What We Have

~ ODUFOMO ~ Options Distract Us From Our Main Objective

~ TMGWIE ~ The Mind Gets What It Expects

~ DWCMUMH ~ Dealing With Cash Makes Us More Honest

~ WATFL ~ Where Are The Free Lunches?


~ WALITMOARIIOATSTCWOAATTCA-AOTFOTIAO ~ We Are Living In The Middle Of A Remarkable Increase In Our Ability To Share, To Cooperate With One Another, And To Take Collective Action – All Outside The Framework Of Traditional Institutions And Organizations

~ SAC ~ Sharing Anchors Community

~ FSTCTCA ~ From Sharing To Cooperation To Collective Action

~ EIAMO ~ Everyone Is A Media Outlet

~ MA ~ Mass Amateurization

~ P-TF ~ Publish – Then Filter

~ R&C ~ Revolution And Coevolution

~ PMMCP ~ Personal Motivation Meets Collaborative Production

~ BTIRC ~ Banal Tools In Remarkable Contexts

~ SSD ~ Solving Social Dilemmas

~ NTTCSC ~ New Tools To Create Social Capital

~ INHMPYK-IHMK ~ It’s Not How Many People You Know – It’s How Many Kinds

~ TGTP ~ The Global Talent Pool

~ CAI ~ Cooperation As Infrastructure

~ FFF ~ Failure For Free

~ TNOPWAWTSSIS-MS-TTNOPWAWTCOSESS ~ The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Start Something Is Smaller – Much Smaller – Than The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Contribute Once Someone Else Starts Something

~ ACOSTMOOSV ~ Any New Claim On Someone’s Time Must Obviously Offer Some Value

~ NTANAB ~ New Tools Are Not Always Better

~ WWGTG?-E ~ Who Will Guard The Guardians? – Everyone

~ AGHSD ~ All Groups Have Social Dilemmas

~ AEOAIWAHPWWITF ~ Any Experiment Of Any Importance Will Always Have People Who Want It To Fail


~ ABTOY ~ A Bad Theory of You

~ TIAYL ~ Trapped In A You Loop

~ SWHWTITYD? ~ So What Happens When The Internet Thinks Your Dumb?

~ LOTC ~ Lords Of The Cloud

~ FWS ~ Friendly World Syndrome

~ IIBTHSBFTTNAA ~ It Is Better To Have Some Bar For Truthfulness Than None At All

~ WWCLSOOSP-TDLSOU ~ While We Can Lose Sight Of Our Shared Problems – They Don’t Lose Sight Of Us

~ CIL ~ “Code Is Law”

~ $50BSC ~ $50 Billion Sand Castle

~ A-AVBWACP ~ Advertar – A Virtual Being With A Commercial Purpose

~ NSTAAFVL ~ No Such Thing As A Free Virtual Lunch

~ AFM ~ Advertiser-Funded Media

~ SIASTJ ~ Serendipity Is A Shortcut To Joy

~ YSKWHYPD-WDTH-AHIU ~ You Should Know Who Has Your Personal Data – What Data They Have – And How It’s Used

~ YSBATPICAYFOPFBUFO ~ You Should Be Able To Prevent Information Collected About You For One Purpose From Being Used For Others

~ YSBATCIIAY ~ You Should Be Able To Correct Inaccurate Information About You

~ YDSBS ~ your data should be secure


~ TA ~ Trust Agents

~ MYOG ~ Make Your On Game

~ OOU ~ One Of Us

~ TAE ~ The Archimedes Effect

~ AZ ~ Agent Zero

~ HA ~ Human Artist

~ SS ~ Soft Skills

~ YWBHG ~ You Win By Having Goals

~ GHBF ~ Games Have Better Feedback

~ STSTAEE-D!~ Selling The Same Thing As Everyone Else – Differently!

TSSAF-ATLAF-ATCAF-SWCOI-IWSBCTFAJAIAV ~ Try Something Small And Finite – And Then Larger And Finite – And Then Complex And Finite – See What Comes Of It – It Will Soon Become Clear That Failures Are Just As Important As Victories

~ ETLUFOWTROTGRA ~ Experimentation That Lets Us Figure Out What The Rules Of The Game Really Are

~ TIOT ~ The Importance Of Tinkering

~ UTFIAIPOTG ~ Understand That Failure Is An Inevitable Part Of The Game – But That The Chance Of Success Is Much Greater The More Often You Roll The Dice

~ MYOGCJAWBP-MG ~ Make Your Own Game Could Just As Well Be Plural – Make Games – Eventually You’ll Succeed

~ TIOBH ~ The Importance Of Being Human

~ SBOAABPOBAGC ~ Social Benefit Occurs As A By-Product Of Being A Good Citizen

~ EOKOTISCTTBOEO ~ Exchanges Of Kindness Or Transactions Involving Social Capital Tend To Build On Each Other

~ HS&TRO’F’ ~ Half-Strangers And The Rise Of “Friends”

~ ASOB ~ A Sense Of Belonging

~ FAG ~ Friends As Gatekeepers

~ TPOTTFA ~ The Power Of Taking The First Action

~ RUTNIOSUTTITD ~ Raise Up The Newcomers Instead Of Sucking Up To The Industry’s Top Dogs

~ FTD ~ Find The Diamonds

~ TCOC ~ The Currency Of Comments

~ BOOUMITAEIO ~ Being One Of Us Means Investing Time And Effort In Others

~ YMEYPIC ~ You Must Earn Your Place In Communities

~ LCF ~ Listening Comes First

~ LANI ~ Lead A New Initiative

~ BITRCIAGWT-BB-GIK-AGAEIYN ~ Being Inside The Right Community Is A Great Way To – Build Business – Glean Insider Knowledge – And Get An Edge In Your Niche

~ AE-UTAYHIOPTHYIA ~ Archimedes Effect – Use The Advantage You Have In One Place To Help You In Another

~ OYLHTBLT-YFYUTDTWTMI ~ Once You Learn How To Better Leverage Time – You Free Yourself Up To Do The Work That’s Most Important

~ I-JCGW ~ Instead – Just Create Goodwill

~ DESTYA-I-BTG ~ Don’t Ever Sell To Your Audience – Instead – Be Their Gatekeeper

~ STTFRFYB ~ Stop Trying To Find Readers For Your Blog

~ SC ~ Start Crowdsourcing

IYCD-YM ~ If You Can Delegate – You Must

~ AZ ~ Agent Zero

~ INWYK-IWKY ~ It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You

~ TABNARBBH ~ Trust Agents Build Networks Almost Reflexively By Being Helpful

~ ND2.0 ~ Name-Dropping 2.0

~ SQB ~ Status Quo Bias

~ BSTCYFV ~ Be Sure To Celebrate Your Friends’ Victories

~ LAC ~ Links As Currency

~ HA ~ Human Artist

~ YKSR-LHTIOYAT ~ Your Key Skill Requirement – Learning How To Interact On Your Audience’s Terms

~ TGRPNTTW ~ The Golden Rule Ports Nicely To The Web

~ WHWME?-RYH! ~ Who Here Wants More Email? – Raise Your Hands!

~ AT-IT ~ About Trolls – Ignore Them

~ BH ~ Be Helpful


~ TPOSDMIVAA ~ The Price Of Something Doesn’t Measure Its Value At All

~ TMSKBIARRAOF-AITAGDOIAPW ~ That Markets Should Know Best Is A Relatively Recent Article Of Faith – And It Took A Great Deal Of Ideological And Political Work

~ TPWTEMHITIDW ~ The Problem With The Efficient Markets Hypothesis Is That It Doesn’t Work

~ DAEETSIWF-TIOEMRRTG ~ Despite Ample Economic Evidence To Suggest It Was False – The Idea Of Efficient Markets Ran Riot Through Governments

~ TRO‘FM’CATAAMAA ~ The Rhetoric Of “Free Markets” Camouflages Activities That Aren’t About Markets At All

~ ACWDSBWTTSBWSATGIAI ~ Anyone Concerned With Democracy Should Be Worried That The Seam Between Wall Street And The Government Is Almost Invisible

~ TMHADOS-TLOLFANASB ~ The Market Has Always Depended On Society – The Logic Of Laissez-Faire Always Needs A Social Base

~ CEGHUIFTWNHBI-WIHBABG ~ Current Economic Growth Has Uncoupled Itself From The World And Has Become Irrelevant – Worse, It Has Become A Blind Guide

~ STWTMHGUIT ~ Seeing The World Through Markets Has Got Us In Trouble

~ SFHBAMCCBUTTDCBUADOPC ~ Seeing Fellow Human Beings As Mere Co-Consumers Blinds Us To The Deeper Connections Between Us, And Distorts Our Political Choices

~ TTOWMOASBTP-OTITHLTH ~ The Terms On Which Markets Operate Are Set By The Powerful – Our Tragedy Is To Have Let This Happen

~ TBOTFMRAGDOV-PFB ~ The Birth Of The Free Market Required A Great Deal Of Violence – People Fought Back

~ GIACOHE ~ Gratitude Isn’t A Characteristic Of Homo Economicus

~ PWBIASFBGAH ~ Psychological Well-Being Is A Source For Both Generosity And Happiness

~ TOBFNASTPEIWPTFIFM ~ This Ongoing Bailout From Nature And Society To Private Enterprise Is What Puts The “Free” In Free Market

~ TTIOTWSDGTWOINA ~ That The Interests Of The Wealthy Should Dominate Governments The World Over Is No Accident

~ CSABSITTFC-TBD ~ Commons Systems Aren’t Being Supported In The Twenty-First Century – They’re Being Dismantled

~ UC-MITRTHR ~ Under Capitalism – Money Is The Right To Have Rights

~ EIAC-BINSWGTMT ~ Economics Is About Choices – But It’s Never Said Who Gets To Make Them

~ OA ~ Owning Air

~ WBTTE-NTOWA ~ We Belong To The Earth – Not The Other Way Around


~ RMANOAAHDACCTASO-SYOTIETARIOTTTS ~ Rationality Makes A Number Of Assumptions About Human Dispositions And Cognitive Capabilities That Are So Outrageous – Several Years Of Training In Economic Theory Are Required In Order To Take Them Seriously

~ MHNBFTM ~ Mania Has No Better Friend Than Money

~ ED ~ Extraordinary Delusions