~ TTOTUC ~ The Tragedy Of The Unmanaged Commons ~ Garrett Hardin

~ RI-AOOTBTSOTP-ACNPTAOOTTSAOT ~ Reason Is – And Ought Only To Be The Slave Of The Passions – And Can Never Pretend To Any Other Office Than To Serve And Obey Them ~ David Hume ~ A Treatise On Human Nature

~ IOTSAH-IISNNTDAMTPIAFAIWG ~ In Order To Shake A Hypothesis – It Is Sometimes Not Necessary To Do Anything More Than Push It As Far As It Will Go ~ Denis Diderot

~ EAHII-OHBTFBITPOP ~ Every Age Has Its Illusions – Ours Has Been This Fervent Belief In The Power Of Prosperity ~ Frank Knight

~ WTAOWINLOHSI-TWBGCITCOM ~ When The Accumulation Of Wealth Is No Longer Of High Social Importance – There Will Be Great Changes In The Code Of Morals ~ John Keynes

~ BAAOSOM ~ Boredom As An Ontological Status Of Mankind ~ Jan Patocka

~ IOLATWR-TWLRB~ If One Looks At The World Rationally – The World Looks Rationally Back ~ Georg Hegel

~ ETL ~ Existence Transcends Logic ~ Soren Kierkegaard

~ WS-NC-TLOAHN ~ Without Suffering – Nothing Changes – The Least Of All Human Nature ~ Carl Jung

~ SAMBTNGPFKPL-APGPIB ~ Sacrificing Anonymity May Be The Next Generations’ Price For Keeping Precious Liberty – As Prior Generations Paid In Blood ~ Hal Norby

~ EAICHBWITDOM ~ Every Advance In Communications Has Brought With It The Danger Of Misuse ~ Jeff Greenfield

~ QA ~ Question Authority

~ SSO ~ Silicon Snake Oil ~ Clifford Stoll

~ LILIAPATFTSADTWPYLTYWNSODISEWP ~ Little In Life Is As Precious As The Freedom To Say And Do Things With People You Love That You Would Not Say Or Do If Someone Else Were Present ~ Janna Malamud Smith

~ ONAAAPTAVIAWORTWHPRIT ~ Our Names And Addresses And Personal Transactions Are Valuable Information Assets Worthy Of Recognition That We Have Property Rights In Them ~ Anne Wells Branscomb ~ Who Owns Information?

~ WSTGLATPL-BIADTATSL ~ Well Sure The Government Lies – And The Press Lies, But In A Democracy They Aren’t The Same Lies ~ Alexis Gilliland

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