~ AAASFATETVOSI ~ Academics Are Always Suckers For Arguments That Extol The Virtues Of Superior Intelligence

~ IARLI-NIGTWUTBT ~ Intellectuals Are Reliable Lagging Indicators – Near-Infallible Guides To What Used To Be True

~ IRM-TSOMDAOSAEO ~ In Raw Markets – The Scent Of Money Deadens All Other Sensory And Ethical Organs

~ TCOTISIA ~ The Complexity Of The Instruments Spiralled Into Absurdity

~ AAGR-OTVSPCMTCM ~ As A General Rule – Only The Very Smartest People Can Make Truly Catastrophic Mistakes

~ TIDOIDBMC ~ The Increased Dominance Of Investment Decisions By Mathematical Constructs

~ TITURWWUAUC ~ The Illusion That The Underlying Risks Were Well Understood And Under Control

~ TGGORT ~ The Great Game Of Risk Transfer

~ VBVCVOSBOERFAARFC ~ Very Big – Very Complex – Very Opaque – Structures – Built On – Extremely Rickety Foundations – Are A Recipe For Collapse

~ TGU ~ The Great Unwinding

~ HWRAPSITCC? ~ Have We Reached A Ponzi Stage In The Credit Cycle?

~ SMTTFSATMECF ~ Shovelling Money To The Financial Sector And The Monied Elite Comes First

~ GS-IS-IPON-DOWISO ~ Government Spending – In Short – Is Productive Or Not – Depending On What It’s Spent On

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