~ YNWAAUTAYP ~ You Never Win An Argument Until They Attack Your Person

~ IOTML ~ I Only Trust My Library

~ TBCCON-SAYRTPWN ~ To Be Completely Cured Of Newspapers – Spend A Year Reading The Previous Week’s Newspapers

~ TOOSIF-II-ND ~ The Opposite Of Success Isn’t Failure – It Is – Name-Dropping

~ YDBCFBJATBAS-YANTABAM ~ You Don’t Become Completely Free By Just Avoiding To Be A Slave – You Also Need To Avoid Becoming A Master

~ WFC-‘WT’-IO-TBI ~ What Fools Call – “Wasting Time” – Is Often – The Best Investment

~ YWTABDWBEOA ~ You Want To Avoid Being Disliked Without Being Envied Or Admired

~ TFWTBRITSWTP-TFWTBPITSWTR ~ The Fastest Way To Become Rich Is To Socialize With The Poor – The Fastest Way To Become Poor Is To Socialize With The Rich

~ YARIAOIMYRTBTMYA ~ You Are Rich If And Only If Money You Refuse Tastes Better Than Money You Accept

~ TWIAUPFSHFA ~ The Web Is An Unhealthy Place For Someone Hungry For Attention

~ DCTLAWDY-YMGITYLIE ~ Don’t Complain Too Loud About Wrongs Done You – You May Give Ideas To Your Less Imaginative Enemies

~ OTLT-YAMLTFYTO ~ Over The Long Term – You Are More Likely To Fool Yourself Than Others

~ PUASTCDIA ~ People Usually Apologize So They Can Do It Again

~ IITWUOWATMUWSUT ~ It Is Those Who Use Others Who Are The Most Upset When Someone Uses Them

~ WITAOROWAN ~ Writing Is The Art Of Repeating Oneself Without Anyone Noticing

~ YAAIIPTTDOCIYW ~ You Are Alive In Inverse Proportion To The Density Of Cliches In Your Writing

~ IMHTWABRFABYRTFABYHR ~ It’s Much Harder To Write A Book Review For A Book You’ve Read Than For A Book You Haven’t Read

~ M-ME-A-DP ~ Most – Modern Efficiencies – Are – Deferred Punishment

~ TIRDA ~ The Information-Rich Dark Ages

~ MIAWTBNWHA ~ Meditation Is A Way To Be Narcissistic Without Hurting Anyone

~ PGIWYHTI-EOFISS ~ Pure Generosity Is When You Help The Ingrate – Every Other Form Is Self-Serving

~ WCBTC-TN ~ When Conflicted Between Two Choices – Take Neither

~ RP ~ Rationalist-Proof

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