~ TPOSDMIVAA ~ The Price Of Something Doesn’t Measure Its Value At All

~ TMSKBIARRAOF-AITAGDOIAPW ~ That Markets Should Know Best Is A Relatively Recent Article Of Faith – And It Took A Great Deal Of Ideological And Political Work

~ TPWTEMHITIDW ~ The Problem With The Efficient Markets Hypothesis Is That It Doesn’t Work

~ DAEETSIWF-TIOEMRRTG ~ Despite Ample Economic Evidence To Suggest It Was False – The Idea Of Efficient Markets Ran Riot Through Governments

~ TRO‘FM’CATAAMAA ~ The Rhetoric Of “Free Markets” Camouflages Activities That Aren’t About Markets At All

~ ACWDSBWTTSBWSATGIAI ~ Anyone Concerned With Democracy Should Be Worried That The Seam Between Wall Street And The Government Is Almost Invisible

~ TMHADOS-TLOLFANASB ~ The Market Has Always Depended On Society – The Logic Of Laissez-Faire Always Needs A Social Base

~ CEGHUIFTWNHBI-WIHBABG ~ Current Economic Growth Has Uncoupled Itself From The World And Has Become Irrelevant – Worse, It Has Become A Blind Guide

~ STWTMHGUIT ~ Seeing The World Through Markets Has Got Us In Trouble

~ SFHBAMCCBUTTDCBUADOPC ~ Seeing Fellow Human Beings As Mere Co-Consumers Blinds Us To The Deeper Connections Between Us, And Distorts Our Political Choices

~ TTOWMOASBTP-OTITHLTH ~ The Terms On Which Markets Operate Are Set By The Powerful – Our Tragedy Is To Have Let This Happen

~ TBOTFMRAGDOV-PFB ~ The Birth Of The Free Market Required A Great Deal Of Violence – People Fought Back

~ GIACOHE ~ Gratitude Isn’t A Characteristic Of Homo Economicus

~ PWBIASFBGAH ~ Psychological Well-Being Is A Source For Both Generosity And Happiness

~ TOBFNASTPEIWPTFIFM ~ This Ongoing Bailout From Nature And Society To Private Enterprise Is What Puts The “Free” In Free Market

~ TTIOTWSDGTWOINA ~ That The Interests Of The Wealthy Should Dominate Governments The World Over Is No Accident

~ CSABSITTFC-TBD ~ Commons Systems Aren’t Being Supported In The Twenty-First Century – They’re Being Dismantled

~ UC-MITRTHR ~ Under Capitalism – Money Is The Right To Have Rights

~ EIAC-BINSWGTMT ~ Economics Is About Choices – But It’s Never Said Who Gets To Make Them

~ OA ~ Owning Air

~ WBTTE-NTOWA ~ We Belong To The Earth – Not The Other Way Around

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