~ WALITMOARIIOATSTCWOAATTCA-AOTFOTIAO ~ We Are Living In The Middle Of A Remarkable Increase In Our Ability To Share, To Cooperate With One Another, And To Take Collective Action – All Outside The Framework Of Traditional Institutions And Organizations

~ SAC ~ Sharing Anchors Community

~ FSTCTCA ~ From Sharing To Cooperation To Collective Action

~ EIAMO ~ Everyone Is A Media Outlet

~ MA ~ Mass Amateurization

~ P-TF ~ Publish – Then Filter

~ R&C ~ Revolution And Coevolution

~ PMMCP ~ Personal Motivation Meets Collaborative Production

~ BTIRC ~ Banal Tools In Remarkable Contexts

~ SSD ~ Solving Social Dilemmas

~ NTTCSC ~ New Tools To Create Social Capital

~ INHMPYK-IHMK ~ It’s Not How Many People You Know – It’s How Many Kinds

~ TGTP ~ The Global Talent Pool

~ CAI ~ Cooperation As Infrastructure

~ FFF ~ Failure For Free

~ TNOPWAWTSSIS-MS-TTNOPWAWTCOSESS ~ The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Start Something Is Smaller – Much Smaller – Than The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Contribute Once Someone Else Starts Something

~ ACOSTMOOSV ~ Any New Claim On Someone’s Time Must Obviously Offer Some Value

~ NTANAB ~ New Tools Are Not Always Better

~ WWGTG?-E ~ Who Will Guard The Guardians? – Everyone

~ AGHSD ~ All Groups Have Social Dilemmas

~ AEOAIWAHPWWITF ~ Any Experiment Of Any Importance Will Always Have People Who Want It To Fail

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