~ EIR-EWISB ~ Everything Is Relative – Even When It Shouldn’t Be

~ TPOP-AEE-IUITA ~ The Price Of Pearls – And Everything Else – Is Up In The Air

~ WOPTMWWPN ~ We Often Pay Too Much When We Pay Nothing

~ WAHTDT-BNWWAPTDT ~ We Are Happy To Do Things – But Not When We Are Paid To Do Them

~ HIMHTWR ~ Hot Is Much Hotter Than We Realize

~ WCMODOWWWTO ~ We Cant Make Ourselves Do What We Want To Do

~ WOWWH ~ We Overvalue What We Have

~ ODUFOMO ~ Options Distract Us From Our Main Objective

~ TMGWIE ~ The Mind Gets What It Expects

~ DWCMUMH ~ Dealing With Cash Makes Us More Honest

~ WATFL ~ Where Are The Free Lunches?

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