~ WDYG ~ Write Down Your Goal

~ HFTB ~ Help From Your Brain

~ WYSYEAIBWID-SOU-TWGO ~ When You Show Your Earnestness And Intention By Writing It Down – Something Opens Up – The Word Gets Out

~ NY ~ Now You

~ WAFFDOWYWIOWOSYBTIAAYARTRI-TMPYCB-TMRYA ~ Writing A Full-Fledged Description Of What You Want Is One Way Of Saying You Believe That It’s Attainable And You Are Ready To Receive It – The More Precise You Can Be – The More Ready You Are

~ WTTRUTF ~ Writing Through To Resolution Unmasks The Fear

~ FOTO ~ Focusing On The Outcome

~ UT’W’BT’W’ ~ Uncovering The “Why” Beneath The “What”

~ CAEFC ~ Creating An Environment For Creativity

~ SG ~ Stacking Goals

~ THTBAWTDIPAFAGYAPOTBFDIAA ~ There Has To Be A Willingness To Do It Poorly At First And Give Yourself A Pat On The Back For Doing It At All

~ OSBTLFTN ~ One Success Becomes The Leverage For The Next

~ TTTT – These Things Take Time

~ YANTOTKYDWPOYAYMTYWWTPOL ~ You Are Never Too Old To Know Your Dad Was Proud Of You And Your Mom Thinks You Were Worth The Pain Of Labor

~ GT ~ Give Thanks

~ PBWG ~ Paying Bills With Gratitude

~ MTWAMPP ~ Making The World A More Pleasant Place

~ LFWTTPIW ~ Look For Ways To Thank People In Writing

~ TAET ~ Thanks And Ever Thanks

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