~ ABTOY ~ A Bad Theory of You

~ TIAYL ~ Trapped In A You Loop

~ SWHWTITYD? ~ So What Happens When The Internet Thinks Your Dumb?

~ LOTC ~ Lords Of The Cloud

~ FWS ~ Friendly World Syndrome

~ IIBTHSBFTTNAA ~ It Is Better To Have Some Bar For Truthfulness Than None At All

~ WWCLSOOSP-TDLSOU ~ While We Can Lose Sight Of Our Shared Problems – They Don’t Lose Sight Of Us

~ CIL ~ “Code Is Law”

~ $50BSC ~ $50 Billion Sand Castle

~ A-AVBWACP ~ Advertar – A Virtual Being With A Commercial Purpose

~ NSTAAFVL ~ No Such Thing As A Free Virtual Lunch

~ AFM ~ Advertiser-Funded Media

~ SIASTJ ~ Serendipity Is A Shortcut To Joy

~ YSKWHYPD-WDTH-AHIU ~ You Should Know Who Has Your Personal Data – What Data They Have – And How It’s Used

~ YSBATPICAYFOPFBUFO ~ You Should Be Able To Prevent Information Collected About You For One Purpose From Being Used For Others

~ YSBATCIIAY ~ You Should Be Able To Correct Inaccurate Information About You

~ YDSBS ~ your data should be secure

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