~ SD ~ Stop Debting

~ WIAOTIYITP ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In The Present

~ FOFHKMPFETC ~ Fear Of Financial Hardship Keeps Many People From Exploring Their Creativity

~ TAMAWCTEDTWGUASOTP ~ There Are Many Actions We Can Take Every Day That Will Give Us A Sense Of True Prosperity

~ HE ~ Having Enough

~ NITFOMLPC ~ Nothing Impedes The Flow Of Money Like Physical Clutter

~ OOTMPOTOFACPITBEOJ-ALAWAFOA-WDNHOOFA ~ One Of The Most Potent Obstacles To Our Financial And Creative Prosperity Is The Biting Emotion Of Jealousy – As Long As We Are Focused On Another – We Do Not Have Our Own Full Attention

~ JWABOOP-SAWAF ~ Jealousy Will Always Block Our Own Prosperity – Spiritual As Well As Financial

~ KTS-KTO ~ Kindness To Self – Kindness To Others

~ OF-OF ~ Forgiving Ourselves – Forgiving Others

~ TIOOAWENTT-TNO ~ There Is Only One Action We Ever Need To Take – The Next One

~ H-TSP-IAA-ACWMIEM ~ Happiness – True Spiritual Prosperity – Is An Attitude – A Choice We Make In Every Moment

~ TPHIC-IBTICMAD-TPHFOWICD-NOTOSAI ~ The Prosperous Heart Is Committed – It Believes That It Can Make A Difference – The Prosperous Heart Focuses On What It Can Do – Not On The Odds Stacked Against It

~ H-TSP-IAA-ACWMIEM ~ Happiness – True Spiritual Prosperity – Is An Attitude – A Choice We Make In Every Moment

~ LAPLMLADAAT-IMSOEM-FOABAWWMM-POUWWF-KOT ~ Living A Prosperous Life Means Living A Day At A Time – It Means Starting Over Each Morning – Forgiving Ourselves And Beginning Anew When We Make Mistakes – Picking Ourselves Up When We Fall – Keeping On Track

~ LNITGTAGTU ~ Let’s Not Ignore The Gifts That Are Given To Us

~ HAPHIADE ~ Having A Prosperous Heart Is A Daily Endeavor


~ HHCIB? ~ How Hard Can It Be?

~ EDIAND ~ Every Day Is A New Day

~ IWPATP ~ I Was Passionate About This Project

~ CIC ~ Constraint Inspires Creativity

~ EYC ~ Embrace Your Constraints

~ ACWCLC ~ A Character With Character Limits Characters

~ IYRWTSB-YHTBWTRCF ~ If You Really Want To Succeed Big – You Have To Be Willing To Risk Crazy Failure

~ IBTGIBAOITWTTTYTMIPBYKIIGTW ~ It’s Better To Get It Built And Out In The World Than To Take Years To Make It Perfect Before You Know If It’s Going To Work

~ TAMSPOTTIH ~ There Are More Smart People Out There Than In Here

~ WWWIWDTRTFOU ~ We Will Win If We Do The Right Thing For Our Users

~ TODWDIAWWD ~ The Only Deal Worth Doing Is A Win-Win Deal

~ OCASATHGI ~ Our Coworkers Are Smart And They Have Good Intentions

~ WCBAB-CTW-AHF ~ We Can Build A Business – Change The World – And Have Fun

~ TTPOACSIPHOA ~ The True Promise Of A Connected Society Is People Helping One Another

~ GEITTOH ~ Global Empathy Is The Triumph Of Humanity


~ FINFSLAYCII ~ Fraud Is Not Fraud So Long As You Call It Inflation

~ LINLSLAYCIP ~ Lying Is Not Lying So Long As You Call It Politics

~ LEMATTWWWW ~ Live Every Moment As Though The Whole World Were Watching

~ IIMETDTRTWTINMOTL ~ It Is Much Easier To Do The Right Thing When There Is Not Much On The Line

~ MCTYHACAYCIJAYRAR ~ Make Certain That Your Hands Are Clean And Your Cause Is Just And Your Requests Are Reasonable

~ PDNWTHTT ~ People Do Not Want To Hear The Truth

~ ETTBR ~ Exceptions Tend To Become Rules

~ LTPTAOOWRTTOPOT ~ Learn To Perceive The Abilities Of Others Without Regard To Their Own Perceptions Of Themselves

~ AAHC ~ All Actions Have Consequences

~ AANDMAWC ~ Actual And Not Desired Motives Are What Count


~ IONTPBTPTIMI-ASIIWP ~ It’s Often Not The Parts But The Pattern That Is Most Important – And So It Is With People

~ T-‘HA’-IACAAWKITU ~ The – “Human Atom” – Is As Complex As Anything We Know In The Universe

~ TLOGETNOULUTTRIOET ~ There’s Lots Of Good Evidence That None Of Us Lives Up To The Rational Ideal Of Economic Theory

~ RECPHSUFML-AIH ~ Rational Economics Couldn’t Possibly Have Stood Up For Much Longer – And It Hasn’t

~ RCTILIAATOTSWTAASPI ~ Rational Choice Theory Is Less Interesting As A Theory Of The Social World Than As A Social-Phenomenon Itself

~ SWJCBR-NMHHWT ~ Sometimes We Just Cannot Be Rational – No Matter How Hard We Try

~ EWWCBR-MOU-AAR-A ~ Even When We Can Be Rational – Most Of Us – As A Rule – Aren’t

~ APRICLMBTSMROBAOPBASIAWSTTTBR ~ A Perfectly Rational Investor Can Lose Money Because The Stock Market Runs On Beliefs About Other People’s Beliefs And So Is A Weird Setting To Try To Be Rational

~ SMFR-IATTCOBUSOTT-EIP ~ So Much For Rationality – It’s A Tool That Can Only Be Used Some Of The Time – Even In Principle

~ PREOOSAT-PDN ~ Perfect Rationality Exists Outside Of Space And Time – People Do Not

~ WNRC-BCG ~ We’re Not Rational Calculators – But Crafty Gamblers

~ WAAO ~ We Are Adaptive Opportunists

~ IM-ITO-FSJAAFAWTTSB ~ In Markets – It Turns Out – Freak Storms Just Aren’t As Freaky As We Think They Should Be

~ WARF-RTRA ~ We’re Adaptive Rule Followers – Rather Than Rational Automatons

~ TRTR ~ The Road To Reality

~ WGA-AOOTTWATMFIOP ~ We’re Good Adapters – And One Of The Things We Adapt To Most Frequently Is Other People

~ TOOAVMDEOTOIWPV ~ The Outcome Of A Vote May Depend Entirely On The Order In Which The People Voted

~ WNRCM-BBPRWAATLFOM ~ We’re Not Rational Calculating Machines – But Biological Pattern Recognizers Who Are Able To Learn From Our Mistakes

~ MOUSTFRIAEWSATPASAGTWWFL ~ Many Of Us Seem To Filter Reality In An Emotional Way So As To Preserve And Support A Group To Which We Feel Linked

~ OMCGALWITGRTFDTRM ~ Oversimplified Models Can Go A Long Way If They Get Right The Few Details That Really Matter

~ C&ID ~ Cooperation And Its Discontents

~ WABSITHOC ~ We Are Biologically Steeped In The Habits Of Cooperation


~ NC ~ Narrative Collapse

~ TFOT-TFOT-TEOT-TEOT ~ The Future Of This – The Future Of That – The End Of This – The End Of That

~ M-ATFOTFDNDMFOATCWTP ~ Meanwhile – All This Focus On The Future Did Not Do Much For Our Ability To Contend With The Present

~ NPCIB ~ Nowist Pop Culture Is Born

~ OR ~ Occupy Reality

~ D-BDOAB-ODE-WSOCTTTPIWWAL-TTB-TFPODB-A-TTNOACLH ~ Digiphrenia – By Dividing Our Attention Between – Our Digital Extensions – We Sacrifice Our Connection To The Truer Present In Which We Are Living – The Tension Between – The Faux Present Of Digital Bombardment – And – The True Now Of A Coherently Living Human

~ TIT ~ Time Is Technology

~ WAOEITMBWBOT ~ We Answer Our Email In The Morning Before We Brush Our Teeth

~ TSBTT ~ The Space Between The Ticks

~ HOWICTMSTNSCWIWTSWMTIWTSWY ~ Hold On While I Check To Make Sure There’s Not Someone Calling Whom I Want To Speak With More Than I Want To Speak With You

~ SH ~ “Slow Hunch”

~ TNS-HA ~ The New Scarcity – Human Attention

~ IAWWAITNC-IINSTDFOTFO-ADD-ANSC ~ In A World Where Attention Is The New Commodity – It Is No Surprise That Diagnoses Of The Formerly Obscure – Attention Deficit Disorder – Are Now So Commonplace

~ ILOA-LN-TA-SF ~ It’s Less Of A – Long Now – Than A – Short Forever

~ TCO-TET-SRBT-IMSONO-ITETMT-‘N’-RFTSOE-TAT-RT-TO ~ Temporal Compression Overwinding – The Effort To – Squish Really Big Timescales – Into Much Smaller Or Nonexistent Ones – It’s The Effort To Make The – “Now” – Responsible For The Sorts Of Effects – That Actually Take – Real Time – To Occur

~ TB-HB-H-C-BT-WC-TTEOOGAPIOTTNG-T-LAS ~ Time Binding – Human Beings – However – Can – Bind Time – We Can – Take The Experiences Of One Generation And Pass It On To The Next Generation – Through – Language And Symbols

~ ACMPBLTAAOOPG ~ A Civilization Makes Progress By Leveraging The Achievements And Observations Of Past Generations

~ HAUITCTLFOA ~ Humans Are Unlimited In Their Capacity To Learn From One Another

~ PR ~ Presentist Reality

~ WAO ~ We Are Overwinding

~ WICAUFTP-ICIAUFTF ~ What Isn’t Coming At Us From The Past – Is Crashing In At Us From The Future

~ CII ~ Chronically Induced Inferiority

~ WTOVLIT-TWBAC ~ When The Only Value Left Is Time – The World Becomes A Clock

~ IWSOTWIB-IELAOS ~ It Was So Overleveraged That When It Broke – It Exploded Like An Overwound Spring

~ OTCHASITLTROOA-SF-MOUSIOTTW ~ Only The Commons Has A Stake In The Long-Term Repercussions Of Our Actions – So Far – Most Of Us Seem Incapable Of Thinking This Way

~ TSETLTT-ESILTT-PPTMCS ~ There’s Some Evidence That Long-Term Thinking – Even Self-Interested Long-Term Thinking – Pushes People To More Collaborative Solutions

~ ‘TSOTF’ ~ “The Shadow Of The Future”

~ WANLCBTPTPFTP-BAOASTAFTWA ~ We Are No Longer Content Burning The Past To Pay For The Present – Because All Of A Sudden There’s A Future To Worry About

~ F ~ Fractalnoia

~ HEIITDCWTAN ~ How Easy It Is To Draw Connections Where There Are None

~ NISTEFADPAO ~ New Ideas Seem To Emerge From A Dozen Places At Once

~ YNTTSWHATA ~ You Need Time To See What Happened And Then Adjust

~ LNAT-KEA-M-S-I-A-P ~ Less Networking And Transparency – Keeps Everyone Acting – More – Selfishly – Individualistically – And – Predictably

~ EMOIAIRTEE ~ Everything Matters Only Insofar As Its Relationship To Everything Else

~ INAY ~ It’s Not About You

~ HMACDOTHOATP? ~ How Many Algorithms Can Dance On The Head Of A Temporal Pin?

~ HIAWOWTPALTS ~ Here I Am Writing Opera When The People Are Listening To Singles

~ TFYT ~ Thanks For Your Time


~ WLMMWMF ~ We Live Most Moments With Many Filters

~ INSA ~ Ideas Never Stand Alone

~ NSMM-I-MSIAOT ~ No Singular Magic Moment – Instead – Many Smaller Insights Accumulated Over Time

~ TORTLPISIBOTOPYAPIP ~ The Only Reason That Last Piece Is Significant Is Because Of The Other Pieces You’d Already Put Into Place

~ UTIIA-IWBQR ~ Until The Innovation Is Accepted – It Will Be Questioned Relentlessly

~ PAUTBAIIYIAYA ~ People Are Unlikely To Be As Interested In Your Ideas As You Are

~ TMVCINTMS ~ The Most Visible Contribution Isn’t Necessarily The Most Significant

~ NIDNP-A-ITTTU-MLJ-APOV ~ New Ideas Demand New Perspectives – And – It Takes Time To Understand – Much Less Judge – A Point Of View

~ WLMMWMF ~ We Live Most Moments With Many Filters

~ YHTT-F-I-A-S-YNTSQTWAOT ~ You Have Three Things – Facts – Ideas – And Solutions – – You Need To Spend Quality Time With All Of Them

~ TGMILFFTS-SOTPAEATHOFNI ~ The Great Mistake Is Leaping From Facts To Solutions – Skipping Over The Play And Exploration At The Heart Of Finding New Ideas

~ RN-PM-ETCOWAOMC-AFTPTF ~ Right Now – Powerful Managers – Even The Cute Ones Who Appear On Magazine Covers – Are Failing To Predict The Future

~ IDDM-IWDWTTM ~ Ideas Don’t Do Much – It’s What’s Done With Them That Matters

~ TDBSAFIMOR-NTOC(TTH) ~ The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Most Often Relentlessness – Not Talent Or Charisma (Though Those Help)

~ PF ~ Problem Finding

~ SETEAUPBTTST ~ Spend Enough Time Exploring And Understanding Problems Before Trying To Solve Them

~ PAI ~ Problems As Invitations

~ PCLAWOTACBETTRBNM ~ Personal Computers Leave A Wake Of Toxins And Chemicals Behind Every Time They’re Replaced By Newer Machines

~ WID-I-DTGWOUQAIP ~ When In Doubt – Innovate – Despite The Growing Wave Of Unanswered Questions About Innovations Past

~ AICGABEROTIOTIOHWDTA ~ All Innovations Combine Good And Bad Effects Regardless Of The Intention Of The Inventor Or How Well Designed They Are

~ WPDTIS?-WPAT?/WPDTIC?-WPAT? ~ What Problems Does This Innovation Solve? – Whose Problems Are They? / What Problems Does This Innovation Create? – Whose Problems Are They?

~ ARAIITAANISBTN-IESTAATSBTT ~ As Ridiculous As It Is To Accept All New Ideas Simply Because They’re New – It’s Equally Silly To Accept All Traditions Simply Because They’re Traditions


~ TREF ~ The Rare-Event Fallacy

~ TCSOCBTROOHFFTDOTIWCSA ~ This Conclusion Set Off Calls By The Religious Orders Of High Finance For The Destruction Of The Infidel Who Committed Such Apostasy

~ IDNMHFSS-IFITCTB ~ It Does Not Matter How Frequently Something Succeeds – If Failure Is Too Costly To Bear

~ YCDCUTWOE-ANCCYSTINSTAACE ~ You Can Disguise Charlatanism Under The Weight Of Equations – And Nobody Can Catch You Since There Is No Such Thing As A Controlled Experiment

~ TPO-‘FE’-CAWMDOP ~ The Practice Of – “Financial Engineering” – Came Along With Massive Doses Of Pseudoscience

~ LAEIOBSABOUALOR ~ Lumping All Economics In One Basket Shows A Bit Of Unfairness And Lack Of Rigor

~ TAOEHTUARE ~ The Attitude Of Epic Heroism That Usually Accompanies Rapid Enrichment

~ ATTDNPASOCUWIWBCW-WBTC ~ A Theory That Does Not Present A Set Of Conditions Under Which It Would Be Considered Wrong – Would Be Termed Charlatanism

~ AOSIOIWNPTIHTE-TWACITE ~ An Open Society Is One In Which No Permanent Truth Is Held To Exist – This Would Allow Counter-Ideas To Emerge

~ TMDWH-TMLWATDII ~ The More Data We Have – The More Likely We Are To Drown In It

~ ASKOPCLTWRTNKAA ~ A Small Knowledge Of Probability Can Lead To Worse Results Than No Knowledge At All

~ AOSOTW-IINFTWFTVC-A-OSTS-AOTS-WISAMPOTD ~ As One Sees Only The Winners – It Is Natural For Those Who Failed To Vanish Completely – Accordingly – One Sees The Survivors – And Only The Survivors – Which Imparts Such A Mistaken Perception Of The Odds

~ TMMND ~ Too Many Millionaires Next Door

~ TVOCITSCTAOPGRTTB-B-TINNT-IA-ESGAAM(OI)A ~ The Virtue Of Capitalism Is That Society Can Take Advantage Of People’s Greed Rather Than Their Benevolence – But – There Is No Need To – In Addition – Extol Such Greed As A Moral (Or Intellectual) Accomplishment

~ YRRDNLR ~ Yet Real Randomness Does Not Look Random

~ TMBGIITFTNTP ~ There May Be Great Information In The Fact That Nothing Took Place

~ BTPB ~ Beware The Philosopher Bureaucrat

~ OCMADWE ~ One Cannot Make A Decision Without Emotion

~ WFE(LB)-TFAE(N) ~ We Feel Emotions (Limbic Brain) – Then Find An Explanation (Neocortex)

~ SP-‘M’-R-PITAPFI ~ Somehow People – “Measure” – Risks – Particularly If They Are Paid For It

~ NMPIE-NEANP-IWNITWOTFM ~ Nobel Memorial Prize In Economics – Not Even A Nobel Prize – It Was Never In The Will Of The Famous Man

~ PCSAS-SIG-B-ISAD ~ People Confuse Science And Scientists – Science Is Great – But – Individual Scientists Are Dangerous


~ “VIAPL”-PWHFTROH-BM ~ “Vital Interests And Personal Liberty” – Pursued Without Heed For The Rest Of Humankind – Become Meaningless

~ WCUCFB-IFAWTENL-TETA ~ We Cannot Use Concepts From Before – Inherited From A World That Exists No Longer – To Explore The After

~ TBOE ~ The Banality Of Evil

~ EITDT-WHTRTESI ~ Even In The Darkest Times – We Have The Right To Expect Some Illumination

~ TDIWCW-T-O-LS-B-P-TPSWPCRT-ASOA ~ The Darkness Is What Comes When – The – Open – Light Spaces – Between – People – The Public Spaces Where People Can Reveal Themselves – Are Shunned Or Avoided

~ TMW ~ The Modern World

~ TMEPCFJTEOOT:WILTTROWIN? ~ The Most Essential Political Criterion For Judging The Events Of Our Time: Will It Lead To Totalitarian Rule Or Will It Not?

~ TINAWRW ~ There Is No Arguing With Religious Warriors

~ NOIBBAT-OIIOBRTT ~ No One Is Born Banal And Thoughtless – Or Is Incapable Of Being Restored To Thoughtfulness

~ FORAT ~ Failure Of Remembrance And Thought


~ HHOH ~ Hopelessly Hooked On Help

~ S-H-A-A-M (SHAM) ~ Self-Help And Actualization Movement

~ WIMF?-YNMOI-YANMOI ~ When Its Methods Fail? – You Need More Of It – You Always Need More Of It

~ T-DOGS-CB-RT ~ The – Dearth Of Good Science – Can Be – Recognized Throughout

~ W-MTNBOSWDTT-O-TNAT… ~ Well – Maybe The Next Book Or Seminar Will Do The Trick – Or – The Next After That…

~ TENA ~ The Emperor’s New Attitude

~ ST ~ SportsThink

~ WTBSWW-A-HIAW-A-TDT ~ Wanting To Believe Something Will Work – And – Having It Actually Work – Are – Two Different Things

~ ‘ICDE’ ~ “Impulse Control Disorder”

~ OTBOLONS ~ On The Basis Of Little Or No Science

~ EI-HA-PP ~ Everyone – Has A – Pet Phrase

~ BADAS[O]SE ~ Blame All Disappointments And Setbacks On Someone Else

~ WAWSBTBIM-TWMUV-ATWMTR ~ We All Want So Badly To Believe In Miracles – That’s What Makes Us Vulnerable – And – That’s What Makes Them Rich