~ PIANVD ~ Procrastination Is A Needless Voluntary Delay

~ PIFTGOWLI ~ Procrastination Is Failing To Get On With Life Itself

~ WWLTSNCDIOL-WLMF ~ When We Learn To Stop Needless, Voluntary Delay In Our Lives – We Live More Fully

~ OOTMIPFSCIADCTTC ~ One Of The Most Important Preconditions For Successful Change Is A Deep Commitment To That Change

~ IWFMLDIT ~ I Won’t Feel More Like Doing It Tomorrow

~ TPITFRSLATUTIAO ~ The Problem Is That Future Rewards Seem Less Attractive To Us Than Immediately Available Ones

~ WAWCGMDILTTIR-AWATWTLTTTUD ~ We Assume We Can Get More Done In Less Time Than Is Reasonable – And We Assume Tasks Will Take Less Time Than They Usually Do

~ TPOGS ~ The Power Of Getting Started

~ JGS ~ Just Get Started

~ GSBBDTTIS ~ Get Started By Breaking Down The Task Into Subtasks

~ WIALR-US ~ Willpower Is A Limited Resource – Use Strategically

~ COTPS ~ Cyberslacking On The Procrastination Superhighway

~ IITTJGS ~ It Is Time To Just Get Started

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