~ TMYAF-TMYG ~ The More You Ask For – The More You Get

~ PAMUNTDACMC ~ Prices Are Made-Up Numbers That Don’t Always Carry Much Conviction

~ BTPITL ~ Because The Price Is Too Low

~ JND ~ Just Noticeable Difference

~ ‘EDRPESR’ ~ “Equal Stimulus Ratios Produce Equal Subjective Ratios”

~ PANEGAMDUU ~ People Are Not Especially Good At Making Decisions Under Uncertainty

~ ELITSWAEE ~ Economists Live In The Same World As Everyone Else

~ ROF ~ Rules Of Fairness

~ MSVDAB ~ Many Simple Variables Dramatically Affect Behavior

~ WTP ~ Willing To Pay

~ DWATCPIOB ~ Don’t Wrap All The Christmas Presents In One Box

~ NKTBEPIBTPC ~ Not Knowing The Break-Even Point Is Becoming The Postmodern Condition

~ CLFR-EWTCM ~ Consumers Like Flat Rates – Even When They Cost More

~ NAAMOTEHOM ~ Numbers Are Arbitrary Mileposts On The Endless Highway Of Magnitude

~ FTAD ~ Free Things Are Different

~ ‘GIYNFGAA’~ “Getting In Your Number First Gives An Advantage”

~ TFFNIANSSTOSEOWIWHTPOA ~ The First Figure Named In A Negotiation Silently Shifts The Other Side’s Expectations Of What It Will Have To Pay Or Accept

~ ‘AP-WCOA-ATDMOBO’ ~ “Automatic Processes – Whether Cognitive Or Affective – Are The Default Mode Of Brain Operation”

~ TDAFALSA-DSBAS ~ To Deflect Attention From A Little Suspicious Action – Do Something Big And Suspicious

~ TBP ~ The Beauty Premium

~ TMOTRMITMASATMTEBB ~ The Misfortune Of The Real Market Is That Memories Are Short And Too Much Time Elapses Between Bubbles

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