~ “VIAPL”-PWHFTROH-BM ~ “Vital Interests And Personal Liberty” – Pursued Without Heed For The Rest Of Humankind – Become Meaningless

~ WCUCFB-IFAWTENL-TETA ~ We Cannot Use Concepts From Before – Inherited From A World That Exists No Longer – To Explore The After

~ TBOE ~ The Banality Of Evil

~ EITDT-WHTRTESI ~ Even In The Darkest Times – We Have The Right To Expect Some Illumination

~ TDIWCW-T-O-LS-B-P-TPSWPCRT-ASOA ~ The Darkness Is What Comes When – The – Open – Light Spaces – Between – People – The Public Spaces Where People Can Reveal Themselves – Are Shunned Or Avoided

~ TMW ~ The Modern World

~ TMEPCFJTEOOT:WILTTROWIN? ~ The Most Essential Political Criterion For Judging The Events Of Our Time: Will It Lead To Totalitarian Rule Or Will It Not?

~ TINAWRW ~ There Is No Arguing With Religious Warriors

~ NOIBBAT-OIIOBRTT ~ No One Is Born Banal And Thoughtless – Or Is Incapable Of Being Restored To Thoughtfulness

~ FORAT ~ Failure Of Remembrance And Thought

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