~ IWITTPWSIPTB? ~ I Wasn’t Invited To The Party Why Should I Pay The Bill?

~ TADWITFRIADI ~ That Austerity Doesn’t’ Work Is The First Reason It’s A Dangerous Idea

~ RTBTBTF-EBWHATLTA“TBTB”~ Rather Than Being Too Big To Fail – European Banks, When You Add Their Liabilities Together, Are Too Big To Bail”

~ ISASTB-TWNOOGSTGUT ~ It’s Still All About Saving The Banks – There Was No Orgy Of Government Spending To Get Us There

~ WBAABCEWABC-EIIGTTSA ~ What Begins As A Banking Crisis Ends With A Banking Crisis – Even If It Goes Through The States’ Accounts

~ AINJTPOSTB-ITPTTBWSETP ~ Austerity Is Not Just The Price Of Saving The Banks – It’s The Price That The Banks Want Someone Else To Pay

~ WPFTRITD-AWHIWATTPBODAOT? ~ Who Pays For The Reduction In The Debt – And What Happens If We All Try To Pay Back Our Debts At One Time?

~ AIITTYCCDWMD-ITBATPTDECATDSOPTPABUAD-TAPSWNW ~ Although It Its True That You Cannot Cure Debt With More Debt – If Those Being Asked To Pay The Debt Either Cannot Afford To Do So Or Perceive Their Payments As Being Unfair And Disproportionate – Then Austerity Policies Simply Will Not Work

~ “TPOT”:IWASAOTINCTSI ~ “The Paradox Of Thrift”: If We All Save At Once There Is No Consumption To Stimulate Investment

~ EITWNDDHLIAMEF- “ZE” ~ Economic Ideas That Will Not Die Despite Huge Logical Inconsistencies And Massive Empirical Failures – “Zombie Economics”

~ FOUWITTP-BWAABATPTB ~ Few Of Us Were Invited To The Party – But We Are All Being Asked To Pay The Bill

~ FNDAGI-WIWARAVDI ~ Facts Never Disconfirm A Good Ideology – Which Is Why Austerity Remains A Very Dangerous Idea

~ TTS ~ Tranching The Security

~ SIV ~ Special Investment Vehicles

~ VARA ~ Value At Risk Analysis

~ TPPOFI ~ The Political Power Of Financial Ideas

~ BBADCSDC ~ Banking Bubbles And Busts Cause Sovereign Debt Crises – Period

~ OATDOTSWDFTOTSOTP ~ Once Again The Dynamics Of The System Were Different From Those Of The Sum Of The Parts

~ ARAIITFABER ~ Austerity Remains An Ideology Immune To Facts And Basic Empirical Refutation

~ HPADEACOTPFMHEIOGM ~ Having Pumped And Dumped Every Asset Class On The Planet – Finance May Have Exhausted Its Own Growth Model

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