~ RWIOAWMNIW-ITNAIRWEA ~ Reasoning Which In One Age Would Make No Impression Whatever – In The Next Age Is Received With Enthusiastic Applause ~ William Lecky ~ History Of The Rise And Influence Of The Spirit Of Rationalism In Europe

~ CTC ~ Creativity Takes Courage ~ Henri Matisse

~ IFUAW ~ Inspiration Finds Us At Work ~ Pablo Picasso

~ LIU ~ Look It Up

~ TPAALDT ~ Thought Precedes Action As Lightning Does Thunder ~ Heinrich Heine

~ WWIOWWTTB ~ Whatever We Identify Ourselves With We Tend To Become ~ Ernest Holmes

~ MOOPISC ~ Much Of Our Pain Is Self Chosen ~ Kahlil Gibran

~ TITSOD ~ Thought Is The Seed Of Destiny ~ Emmet Fox

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