~ TFOT-TFOT-TEOT-TEOT ~ The Future Of This – The Future Of That – The End Of This – The End Of That

~ MATFOTFDNDMFOATCWTP ~ Meanwhile All This Focus On The Future Did Not Do Much For Our Ability To Contend With The Present

~ NPCIB ~ Nowist Pop Culture Is Born

~ OR ~ Occupy Reality

~ TIT ~ Time Is Technology

~ WAOEITMBWBOT ~ We Answer Our Email In The Morning Before We Brush Our Teeth

~ HOWICTMSTNSCWIWTSWMTIWTSWY ~ Hold On While I Check To Make Sure There’s Not Someone Calling Whom I Want To Speak With More Than I Want To Speak With You

~ SH ~ “Slow Hunch”

~ TNS-HA ~ The New Scarcity – Human Attention

~ IAWWAITNC-IINSTDFOTFOADDANSC ~ In A World Where Attention Is The New Commodity – It Is No Surprise That Diagnoses Of The Formerly Obscure Attention Deficit Disorder Are Now So Commonplace

~ ILOALNTASF ~ It’s Less Of A Long Now Than A Short Forever

~ TCO ~ Temporal Compression Overwinding

~ ACMPBLTAAOOPG ~ A Civilization Makes Progress By Leveraging The Achievements And Observations Of Past Generations

~ HAUITCTLFOA ~ Humans Are Unlimited In Their Capacity To Learn From One Another

~ PR ~ Presentist Reality

~ WAO ~ We Are Overwinding

~ WICAUFTPICIAUFTF ~ What Isn’t Coming At Us From The Past Is Crashing In At Us From The Future

~ CII ~ Chronically Induced Inferiority

~ WTOVLIT-TWBAC ~ When The Only Value Left Is Time – The World Becomes A Clock

~ IWSOTWIB-IELAOS ~ It Was So Overleveraged That When It Broke – It Exploded Like An Overwound Spring

~ OTCHASITLTROOA-SFMOUSIOTTW ~ Only The Commons Has A Stake In The Long-Term Repercussions Of Our Actions – So Far, Most Of Us Seem Incapable Of Thinking This Way

~ TSETLTT-ESILTT-PPTMCS ~ There’s Some Evidence That Long-Term Thinking – Even Self-Interested Long-Term Thinking – Pushes People To More Collaborative Solutions

~ TSOTF ~ “The Shadow Of The Future”

~ WANLCBTPTPFTP-BAOASTAFTWA ~ We Are No Longer Content Burning The Past To Pay For The Present – Because All Of A Sudden There’s A Future To Worry About

~ F ~ Fractalnoia

~ HEIITDCWTAN ~ How Easy It Is To Draw Connections Where There Are None

~ NISTEFADPAO ~ New Ideas Seem To Emerge From A Dozen Places At Once

~ YNTTSWHATA ~ You Need Time To See What Happened And Then Adjust

~ LNATKEAMSIAP ~ Less Networking And Transparency Keeps Everyone Acting More Selfishly, Individualistically And Predictably

~ EMOIAIRTEE ~ Everything Matters Only Insofar As Its Relationship To Everything Else

~ INAY ~ It’s Not About You

~ HMACDOTHOATP? ~ How Many Algorithms Can Dance On The Head Of A Temporal Pin?

~ HIAWOWTPALTS ~ Here I Am Writing Opera When The People Are Listening To Singles

~ TFYT ~ Thanks For Your Time

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