~ WLMMWMF ~ We Live Most Moments With Many Filters

~ INSA ~ Ideas Never Stand Alone

~ NSMM-I-MSIAOT ~ No Singular Magic Moment – Instead – Many Smaller Insights Accumulated Over Time

~ TORTLPISIBOTOPYAPIP ~ The Only Reason That Last Piece Is Significant Is Because Of The Other Pieces You’d Already Put Into Place

~ UTIIA-IWBQR ~ Until The Innovation Is Accepted – It Will Be Questioned Relentlessly

~ PAUTBAIIYIAYA ~ People Are Unlikely To Be As Interested In Your Ideas As You Are

~ TMVCINTMS ~ The Most Visible Contribution Isn’t Necessarily The Most Significant

~ NIDNP-A-ITTTU-MLJ-APOV ~ New Ideas Demand New Perspectives – And – It Takes Time To Understand – Much Less Judge – A Point Of View

~ WLMMWMF ~ We Live Most Moments With Many Filters

~ YHTT-F-I-A-S-YNTSQTWAOT ~ You Have Three Things – Facts – Ideas – And Solutions – – You Need To Spend Quality Time With All Of Them

~ TGMILFFTS-SOTPAEATHOFNI ~ The Great Mistake Is Leaping From Facts To Solutions – Skipping Over The Play And Exploration At The Heart Of Finding New Ideas

~ RN-PM-ETCOWAOMC-AFTPTF ~ Right Now – Powerful Managers – Even The Cute Ones Who Appear On Magazine Covers – Are Failing To Predict The Future

~ IDDM-IWDWTTM ~ Ideas Don’t Do Much – It’s What’s Done With Them That Matters

~ TDBSAFIMOR-NTOC(TTH) ~ The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Most Often Relentlessness – Not Talent Or Charisma (Though Those Help)

~ PF ~ Problem Finding

~ SETEAUPBTTST ~ Spend Enough Time Exploring And Understanding Problems Before Trying To Solve Them

~ PAI ~ Problems As Invitations

~ PCLAWOTACBETTRBNM ~ Personal Computers Leave A Wake Of Toxins And Chemicals Behind Every Time They’re Replaced By Newer Machines

~ WID-I-DTGWOUQAIP ~ When In Doubt – Innovate – Despite The Growing Wave Of Unanswered Questions About Innovations Past

~ AICGABEROTIOTIOHWDTA ~ All Innovations Combine Good And Bad Effects Regardless Of The Intention Of The Inventor Or How Well Designed They Are

~ WPDTIS?-WPAT?/WPDTIC?-WPAT? ~ What Problems Does This Innovation Solve? – Whose Problems Are They? / What Problems Does This Innovation Create? – Whose Problems Are They?

~ ARAIITAANISBTN-IESTAATSBTT ~ As Ridiculous As It Is To Accept All New Ideas Simply Because They’re New – It’s Equally Silly To Accept All Traditions Simply Because They’re Traditions

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