~ SD ~ Stop Debting

~ WIAOTIYITP ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In The Present

~ FOFHKMPFETC ~ Fear Of Financial Hardship Keeps Many People From Exploring Their Creativity

~ TAMAWCTEDTWGUASOTP ~ There Are Many Actions We Can Take Every Day That Will Give Us A Sense Of True Prosperity

~ HE ~ Having Enough

~ NITFOMLPC ~ Nothing Impedes The Flow Of Money Like Physical Clutter

~ OOTMPOTOFACPITBEOJ-ALAWAFOA-WDNHOOFA ~ One Of The Most Potent Obstacles To Our Financial And Creative Prosperity Is The Biting Emotion Of Jealousy – As Long As We Are Focused On Another – We Do Not Have Our Own Full Attention

~ JWABOOP-SAWAF ~ Jealousy Will Always Block Our Own Prosperity – Spiritual As Well As Financial

~ KTS-KTO ~ Kindness To Self – Kindness To Others

~ OF-OF ~ Forgiving Ourselves – Forgiving Others

~ TIOOAWENTT-TNO ~ There Is Only One Action We Ever Need To Take – The Next One

~ H-TSP-IAA-ACWMIEM ~ Happiness – True Spiritual Prosperity – Is An Attitude – A Choice We Make In Every Moment

~ TPHIC-IBTICMAD-TPHFOWICD-NOTOSAI ~ The Prosperous Heart Is Committed – It Believes That It Can Make A Difference – The Prosperous Heart Focuses On What It Can Do – Not On The Odds Stacked Against It

~ H-TSP-IAA-ACWMIEM ~ Happiness – True Spiritual Prosperity – Is An Attitude – A Choice We Make In Every Moment

~ LAPLMLADAAT-IMSOEM-FOABAWWMM-POUWWF-KOT ~ Living A Prosperous Life Means Living A Day At A Time – It Means Starting Over Each Morning – Forgiving Ourselves And Beginning Anew When We Make Mistakes – Picking Ourselves Up When We Fall – Keeping On Track

~ LNITGTAGTU ~ Let’s Not Ignore The Gifts That Are Given To Us

~ HAPHIADE ~ Having A Prosperous Heart Is A Daily Endeavor


~ HHCIB? ~ How Hard Can It Be?

~ EDIAND ~ Every Day Is A New Day

~ IWPATP ~ I Was Passionate About This Project

~ CIC ~ Constraint Inspires Creativity

~ EYC ~ Embrace Your Constraints

~ ACWCLC ~ A Character With Character Limits Characters

~ IYRWTSB-YHTBWTRCF ~ If You Really Want To Succeed Big – You Have To Be Willing To Risk Crazy Failure

~ IBTGIBAOITWTTTYTMIPBYKIIGTW ~ It’s Better To Get It Built And Out In The World Than To Take Years To Make It Perfect Before You Know If It’s Going To Work

~ TAMSPOTTIH ~ There Are More Smart People Out There Than In Here

~ WWWIWDTRTFOU ~ We Will Win If We Do The Right Thing For Our Users

~ TODWDIAWWD ~ The Only Deal Worth Doing Is A Win-Win Deal

~ OCASATHGI ~ Our Coworkers Are Smart And They Have Good Intentions

~ WCBAB-CTW-AHF ~ We Can Build A Business – Change The World – And Have Fun

~ TTPOACSIPHOA ~ The True Promise Of A Connected Society Is People Helping One Another

~ GEITTOH ~ Global Empathy Is The Triumph Of Humanity


~ FINFSLAYCII ~ Fraud Is Not Fraud So Long As You Call It Inflation

~ LINLSLAYCIP ~ Lying Is Not Lying So Long As You Call It Politics

~ LEMATTWWWW ~ Live Every Moment As Though The Whole World Were Watching

~ IIMETDTRTWTINMOTL ~ It Is Much Easier To Do The Right Thing When There Is Not Much On The Line

~ MCTYHACAYCIJAYRAR ~ Make Certain That Your Hands Are Clean And Your Cause Is Just And Your Requests Are Reasonable

~ PDNWTHTT ~ People Do Not Want To Hear The Truth

~ ETTBR ~ Exceptions Tend To Become Rules

~ LTPTAOOWRTTOPOT ~ Learn To Perceive The Abilities Of Others Without Regard To Their Own Perceptions Of Themselves

~ AAHC ~ All Actions Have Consequences

~ AANDMAWC ~ Actual And Not Desired Motives Are What Count