~ HHCIB? ~ How Hard Can It Be?

~ EDIAND ~ Every Day Is A New Day

~ IWPATP ~ I Was Passionate About This Project

~ CIC ~ Constraint Inspires Creativity

~ EYC ~ Embrace Your Constraints

~ ACWCLC ~ A Character With Character Limits Characters

~ IYRWTSB-YHTBWTRCF ~ If You Really Want To Succeed Big – You Have To Be Willing To Risk Crazy Failure

~ IBTGIBAOITWTTTYTMIPBYKIIGTW ~ It’s Better To Get It Built And Out In The World Than To Take Years To Make It Perfect Before You Know If It’s Going To Work

~ TAMSPOTTIH ~ There Are More Smart People Out There Than In Here

~ WWWIWDTRTFOU ~ We Will Win If We Do The Right Thing For Our Users

~ TODWDIAWWD ~ The Only Deal Worth Doing Is A Win-Win Deal

~ OCASATHGI ~ Our Coworkers Are Smart And They Have Good Intentions

~ WCBAB-CTW-AHF ~ We Can Build A Business – Change The World – And Have Fun

~ TTPOACSIPHOA ~ The True Promise Of A Connected Society Is People Helping One Another

~ GEITTOH ~ Global Empathy Is The Triumph Of Humanity

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