~ DN ~ Dragnet Nation

~ AQFPSAFIAWORS ~ A Quest For Privacy, Security, And Freedom In A World Of Relentless Surveillance

~ WALIADN ~ We Are Living In A Dragnet Nation

~ AWOIT ~ A World Of Indiscriminate Tracking

~ CARPFLCD ~ Companies Are Rarely Penalized For Losing Customer Data

~ PL-DTATPTTEAAS ~ Police Lineup – Dragnets That Allow The Police To Treat Everyone As A Suspect

~ IUPQ ~ Innocent Until Proven Guilty

~ IWTTBRITDWFLSWHW ~ I Want There To Be Room In The Digital World For Letters Sealed With Hot Wax

~ DWWTLIAWWWAAAROBH? ~ Do We Want To Live In A World Where We Are Always At Risk Of Being Hacked?

~ PS ~ Public Space

~ TPD ~ Third-Party Doctrine

~ MD ~ Metadata

~ SDHBTNN ~ Suspicionless Dragnets Had Become The New Normal

~ “DDC” ~ “Dark Data Circle”

~ TGRCTCDATSITCE-WLTDASIBTTG ~ The Government Requires Citizens To Create Data And Then Sells It To Commercial Entities – Which Launder The Data And Sell It Back To The Government

~ CPBTAIAFTORR ~ Categorizing People By Their Associations Is A Favorite Tactic Of Repressive Regimes

~ ICBATTVPOMTTDITUHA ~ It Can Be Argued That The Very Purpose Of Much Technology These Days Is To Unveil Hidden Associations

~ ITWECWMAUWAPAPOAI ~ In Today’s World, Every Choice We Make Associates Us With A Person, A Place, Or An Idea

~ DTAIQLPIDD? ~ Does The Activity In Question Limit Participation In Democratic Debate?

~ TM ~ TM ~ Threat Model

~ SV ~ Surveillance Vegan

~ LB ~ Lookup Business

~ TOIWTOOTNTTSQWETC ~ Turns Out I Wasn’t The Only One To Notice That The Security Questions Were Easy To Circumvent

~ PNR ~ Passenger Name Records


~ BIHACTLMPP-IWH ~ Before I Had A Chance To Launch My Privacy Project – I Was Hacked

~ “PUITW” ~ “Password Use In The Wild”

~ ATGGO ~ Appealing The Government’s Gag Order

~ U-TQITSAFAD-WTDBAE? ~ Ultimately – The Question Is The Same As For All Dragnets – Will The Data Be Abused Eventually?

~ IWCTTAJFM ~ It Was Clearly Too Technical A Job For Me

~ UAU-CIMA ~ Unloved And Untrendy – Cash It Mostly Anonymous

~ TA ~ “Traffic Analysis”

~ PIKTOOP ~ “Pseudonymity Is Key To Our Online Privacy”

~ TICBATCIED ~ The Information Collected By Ad-Tracking Companies Is Extremely Detailed

~“PC”~ “Perceived Control”

~ DARBAC ~ Data About Readers Became A Commodity

~ IAAKEAYEYN-DTNRM? ~ If An Advertiser Knows Everything About You Except Your Name – Does The Name Really Matter?

~ THYDHT-WLT ~ “That’s How You Defeat High-Tech – With Low-Tech”

~ NAC ~ New Asset Class

~ PLTGPTRTSTDTIUAT-SLAGI ~ Privacy Laws That Give People The Right To See The Data That Is Used Against Them – Seem Like A Good Idea

~ GDMNBC-TMBSBEALBOAC ~ Government Dragnets Must Not Be Covert – They Must Be Scrutinized By Either A Legislative Body Or A Court

~ O-SLIU-HUIA? ~ Okay – So Life Is Unfair – How Unfair Is Acceptable?

~ DTDPIWLRTACADTD? ~ Does The Dragnet Provide Individuals With Legal Right To Access, Correct, And Dispute The Data?

~ ATDOHAFTWTDAU? ~ Are The Dragnet Operators Held Accountable For The Way The Data Are Used?

~ ITDTIFIP? ~ Is The Dragnet Too Intrusive For Its Purpose?

~ DIBS? ~ Does It Benefit Society?

~ CIWPS? ~ Can It Withstand Public Scrutiny?

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