~ TBTISFWTMRU ~ The Brain Takes Its Shape From What The Mind Rests Upon ~ Rick Hanson ~ Hardwiring Happiness
~ IIGTHAETJT-BIITJTM ~ It Is Good To Have An End To Journey Towards – But It Is The Journey That Matters ~ Ursula Leguin
~ LIS-LIA-LISA ~ Life Is Sacred – Life Is Art – Life Is Sacred Art ~ Gabrielle Roth
~ AFM ~ Asking For Money
~ TOWTDWTFITFEITN ~ The Only Way To Deal With The Future Is To Function Efficiently In The Now ~ Gita Bellin
~ AIAU ~ An Idea Acted Upon
~ AF&TF ~ Artsy-Fartsy & Touchy-Feely ~ Daniel Pink ~ A Whole New Mind
~ CITKAOTIOAT ~ Compassion Is The Keen Awareness Of The Interdependence Of All Things ~ Thomas Merton
~ HOW-DOW-SOB ~ Hewers Of Wood – Drawers Of Water – Shippers Of Bitumen ~ Steven Shrybman
~ IWQAS ~ It Was Quite A Shock
~ ISDS ~ Investor-State Dispute Settlement
~ OF ~ Obesogenic Foods
~ HISTTHAVWCMCGSCTTCOP? ~ How Is The Public To Have A Voice When Corporate Money Can Get So Close To The Corridors Of Power? ~ Lucy Sharratt

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