~ NSHTGBRBBTCDHICCTNGAAFBB ~ No Sooner Had The Great Bear Rainforest Been Baptized Than Canadians Started Hearing It Called The Northern Gateway And A Fresh Battle Began
~ OOTFAOTNGDWHFOIPHSATITGBRI ~ One Of The Frustrating Aspects Of The Northern Gateway Debate Was How Few Of Its Protagonists Had Spent Any Time In The Great Bear Rainforest Itself
~ NODTWPSPOAID ~ No One Disputes That Wild Pacific Salmon Populations, Overall, Are In Decline
~ TEK ~ Traditional Ecological Knowledge
~ SA-YJCP ~ Some Accidents – You Just Can’t Predict
~ NT-NP-NP ~ No Tankers – No Pipeline – No Problem!
~ CTWBCBTWTPTA? ~ Can The World’s Biggest Corporations Be Trusted With The Power They’ve Amassed?
~ ICCAETTHC? ~ Is Climate Change An Existential Threat To Human Civilization?
~ UTWPIISTPEGOAFP? ~ Up To What Point Is It Safe To Pursue Economic Growth On A Finite Planet?
~ WWHI? ~ What Would Happen If?
~ EPWTWTTCBTHTPTSTDMFA-IOTFTRWTTIH ~ Each Person Who Testified When Their Turn Came, Believed They Had The Power To Stop The Dreaded Monster From Attacking – If Only They Found The Right Words To Touch Its Heart
~ TKOTHATT ~ These Kinds Of Things Happen All The Time
~ CUAMOS-ITO-ISACIT-EITTFC ~ Cleaning Up A Marine Oil Spill – It Turns Out – Is Still A Contradiction In Terms – Even In The Twenty-First Century
~ “HMIDYTWITRWTIAWBW?” ~ “How Many Indians Do You Think Were In The Room When The Indian Act Was Being Written?”
~ SNMMTTTO ~ Some Numbers Mean More To Them Than Others
~ “SHTUTOFAE” ~ “Scientists Have Told Us That Our Fears Are Exaggerated”
~ MWRGOTA?-A ~ Must We Really Go Over This Again? – Apparently
~ “MWTTDS?”~ “Maybe We’re Taking To Different Scientists?”
~ G-W-T-G-G ~ Get-While-The-Gettin’s-Good

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