~ PRRFTWTPWHAFPOR ~ Positive Results Rarely Find Their Way To People Who Harbour A Faulty Perception Of Reality

~ HBHATTWATO ~ Human Beings Have A Tendency To Wave Aside The Obvious

~ RTLTPTTMTTWTL ~ Rather Than Loving Truth People Try To Make True That Which They Love

~ NMWSEDTY-AYWYCHDTATP ~ No Matter What Someone Else Did To You – Ask Yourself What You Could Have Done To Avoid The Problem

~ TCBTLDOTROYL ~ Today Could Be The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

~ MGTTTOTLOTFTIHBLATWW ~ Many Get To The Top Of The Ladder Only To Find That It Has Been Leaning Against The Wrong Wall

~ TIOOWTPYIATITBEVWICTNCI ~ There Is Only One Way To Protect Your Integrity And That Is To Be Ever Vigilant When It Comes To Not Compromising It

~ WYBIAWYSIOTAWYDIQA ~ What You Believe In And What You Say Is One Thing And What You Do Is Quite Another

~ LEMATTWWWW ~ Live Every Moment As Though The Whole World Were Watching

~ IMHACAMCIJAMDARTIHNTWA ~ If My Hands Are Clean And My Cause Is Just And My Demands Are Reasonable Then I Have Nothing To Worry About

~ TPOTUIE ~ The Power Of The Understatement Is Enormous

~ TRTOASANTITO(AGC!) ~ The Reality That Our Affairs Simply Are Not That Important To Others (A Great Crisis!)

~ ARTHOYETMPTAANTBAIS ~ Avoid Revealing The Heart Of Your Enterprise To More People Than Are Absolutely Necessary To Bring About Its Success

~ TMYTAYP-TWYCOAP-WMITMHTSYP ~ The More You Talk About Your Problems – The Worse Your Chances Of Attracting Positive People – Which Makes It That Much Harder To Solve Your Problems

~ YANTUTCHCTB ~ You Are Not Through Until The Check Has Cleared The Bank

~ NCTT-“AD”-WTW-“D” ~ Never Confuse The Term – “Almost Done” – With The Word – “Done”

~ TPOLITLANTSHOYCPYAR ~ The Purpose Of Life Is To Live And Not To See How Often You Can Prove You Are Right

~ DNTSMTEETYBNTY ~ Do Not Be So Much To Everyone Else That You Become Nothing To Yourself

~ SIWOTPAA? ~ Should I Work On This Project At All?

~ CODTRTRTDTR ~ Concentrate On Doing The Right Things Rather Than Doing Things Right

~ TFHAAHOAAOS ~ The Future Has An Annoying Habit Of Arriving Ahead Of Schedule

~ NAA ~ Never Assume Anything

~ TAOTP ~ The Art Of Taking Pains

~ DNTTDET-JDS ~ Do Not Try To Do Every Thing – Just Do Something


~ H ~ Happeneur

~ EYMP ~ Expand Your Mental Paradigms

~ MPDNLTBRMTWTL ~ Most People Do Not Love Truth But Rather Make True What They Love

~ FAMFL ~ Find A Meaning For Living

~ DNTYTS ~ Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

~ GTCBSAC-MCC ~ Given The Choice Between Simplicity And Complication – Most Choose Complexity

~ KYLS ~ Keep Your Life Simple

~ DNBAA ~ Do Not Be An Accumulator

~ LG ~ Let Go

~ P-BTA ~ Plan – But Take Action

~ MIH ~ Make It Happen

~ TTOASBAGTBP ~ Take Time Outs And Step Back And Get The Big Picture

~ DNTTDE-JDS ~ Do Not Try To Do Everything – Just Do Something

~ F ~ Focus

~ GAACP ~ Go At A Comfortable Pace

~ LINFOP-LIP ~ Life Is Not Full Of Problems – Life Is Problems

~ TRTSIPUC ~ The Road To Success Is Permanently Under Construction

~ TBDITWHED ~ The Best Deal In The World Happens Every Day

~ TWIWSIQS ~ That Which Is Well Said Is Quickly Said

~ PTAOB ~ Practice The Art Of Brevity


~ YNTT-ACP-A-ASP ~ You Need Two Things – A Compelling Product – And – A Significant Platform

~ CHNBG ~ Competition Has Never Been Greater

~ PAMDTE ~ People Are More Distracted Than Ever

~ SWW ~ Start With Wow

~ TINSIWYVTARTTBABAAHHP ~ There Is No Sense In Wasting Your Valuable Time And Resources Trying To Build A Buzz About A Ho-Hum Product

~ CPT-YWPU-TSPIUW-TEOCE ~ Create Products That – You Would Personally Use – That Solve Problems In Unexpected Ways – That Exceed Our Customer’s Expectations

~ WTWIS ~ Wrap The Wow In Style

~ TB-NB! ~ Think Bigger – No – Bigger!

~ WDYD-WTHWYCSTW ~ Write Down Your Dream – Wonderful Things Happen When You Commit Something To Writing

~ CA-EP-BPTPYI-S ~ Create An – Elevator Pitch – Being Prepared To Present Your Idea – Succinctly

~ AYPC ~ Assemble Your Pit Crew

~ BYHB ~ Build Your Home Base

~ BOSPSME ~ Beware Of Self-Proclaimed Social Media Experts

~ KMG ~ Kiss Marketing Goodbye

~ TBITNM ~ Tribe-building Is The New Marketing

~ UWNI ~ Understand What’s Not Important

~ GSA ~ Give Stuff Away

~ DFTT ~ Don’t Feed The Trolls

~ TTFS ~ Take The First Step


~ PIDWAW ~ Power Is Distributed Widely And Well

~ LRASMWOIIM ~ Local Relationships Are Soundly Managed With Overall Interests In Mind

~ TOIIASF ~ The Organization Itself Is A Social Force

~ PDP ~ Principles Determine Policies

~ EICD ~ Expansion Is Clearly Defined

~ RAMIWCWTCD ~ Resources Are Managed In Ways Consistent With The Comprehensive Design

~ TOCAP ~ The Organization Continually Aligns People


~ EMATPOLR ~ Energy Moves Along The Path Of Least Resistance

~ TUSOAWDIPOLR ~ The Underlying Structure Of Anything Will Determine Its Path Of Least Resistance

~ WCDTPOLRBCNS ~ We Can Determine The Path Of Least Resistance By Creating New Structures

~ OEAOO ~ Organizations Either Advance Or Oscillate

~ OCAS ~ Oscillation Camouflaged As Success

~ IOTO-SIN-IOTA-SS ~ In Organizations That Oscillate – Success Is Neutralized – In Organizations That Advance – Success Succeeds

~ ITOSRU-TOBWRTIPB ~ If The Organization’s Structure Remains Unchanged – The Organization’s Behavior Will Revert To Its Previous Behavior

~ ACOSLTACOTOB ~ A Change Of Structure Leads To A Change Of The Organization’s Behavior

~ DRP ~ Defining Reality Precisely

~ IOOG ~ Identifying Our Overriding Goals

~ DCR ~ Defining Current Reality

~ CAAP ~ Creating An Action Plan

~ NTWHDOG-ITTDICR ~ Now That We Have Defined Our Goal – It’s Time To Describe Its Current Reality

~ DDAA ~ Due Dates And Accountability

~ STC ~ Structural Tension Charting

~ CA ~ Controlled Autonomy

~ STWP ~ Seeing The Whole Picture

~ SCOTRAF ~ Structural Conflicts Of The Rich And Famous

~ TDOP ~ The Dynamism of Purpose

~ MOAWOP ~ Matching Our Actions With Our Purpose

~ DSTM ~ Doing Something That Matters

~ WHNBTTT-WHBTTUIAA-‘D’-ATCRAWWAK ~ We Have Not Been Taught To Think – We Have Been Taught To Use Information As A – “Database” – And Then Compare Reality Against What We Already Know

~ DWWTOOLASA – OATODTWCAM? ~ Do We Want To Organize Our Lives Around Satisfying Appetites – Or Are There Other Desires That We Care About More?

~ SOVCFALYWAVC ~ Substituting One Vague Concept For Another Leaves You With A Vague Concept


~ NFAC ~ Never Forget A Customer

~ NLACFY ~ Never Let A Customer Forget You

~ TCOYCATWTCOY ~ Take Care Of Your Customers And They Will Take Care Of You

~ NCATBSONB ~ New Customers Are The Best Source Of New Business

~ TBTTFARLIRA ~ The Best Time To Follow A Referred Lead Is Right Away

~ ASAFAL ~ Always Show Appreciation For A Lead

~ PASUFTNM ~ Plan And Set Up For The Next Move

~ TBTTPYPIIAYHJUT ~ The Best Time To Prepare Your Presentation Is Immediately After You Have Just Used It

~ PLTHTTHHY ~ People Love To Hear That They Have Helped You

~ DC ~ Deserve Confidence

~ KYBAKOKYB ~ Know Your Business And Keep On Knowing Your Business

~ CTHOMU ~ Cultivate The Habit Of Making Understatements

~ NE ~ Never Exaggerate

~ BOYW ~ Bring On Your Witnesses

~ LYB ~ Look Your Best

~ DYOTWWDY ~ Discipline Yourself Or The World Will Discipline You