~ YNTT-ACPAASP ~ You Need Two Things – A Compelling Product And A Significant Platform

~ CHNBG ~ Competition Has Never Been Greater

~ PAMDTE ~ People Are More Distracted Than Ever

~ SWW ~ Start With Wow

~ TINSIWYVTARTTBABAAHHP ~ There Is No Sense In Wasting Your Valuable Time And Resources Trying To Build A Buzz About A Ho-Hum Product

~ CPT-YWPU-TSPIUW-TEOCE ~ Create Products That – You Would Personally Use – That Solve Problems In Unexpected Ways – That Exceed Our Customer’s Expectations

~ WTWIS ~ Wrap The Wow In Style

~ TB-NB! ~ Think Bigger – No, Bigger!

~ WDYD ~ Write Down Your Dream

~ WTHWYCSTW ~ Wonderful Things Happen When You Commit Something To Writing

~ AYPC ~ Assemble Your Pit Crew

~ BYHB ~ Build Your Home Base

~ BOSPSME ~ Beware Of Self-Proclaimed Social Media Experts

~ KMG ~ Kiss Marketing Goodbye

~ TBITNM ~ Tribe-Building Is The New Marketing

~ UWNI ~ Understand What’s Not Important

~ GSA ~ Give Stuff Away

~ DFTT ~ Don’t Feed The Trolls

~ TTFS ~ Take The First Step

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