~ EMATPOLR ~ Energy Moves Along The Path Of Least Resistance

~ TUSOAWDIPOLR ~ The Underlying Structure Of Anything Will Determine Its Path Of Least Resistance

~ WCDTPOLRBCNS ~ We Can Determine The Path Of Least Resistance By Creating New Structures

~ OEAOO ~ Organizations Either Advance Or Oscillate

~ OCAS ~ Oscillation Camouflaged As Success

~ IOTO-SIN-IOTA-SS ~ In Organizations That Oscillate – Success Is Neutralized – In Organizations That Advance – Success Succeeds

~ ITOSRU-TOBWRTIPB ~ If The Organization’s Structure Remains Unchanged – The Organization’s Behavior Will Revert To Its Previous Behavior

~ ACOSLTACOTOB ~ A Change Of Structure Leads To A Change Of The Organization’s Behavior

~ DRP ~ Defining Reality Precisely

~ IOOG ~ Identifying Our Overriding Goals

~ DCR ~ Defining Current Reality

~ CAAP ~ Creating An Action Plan

~ NTWHDOG-ITTDICR ~ Now That We Have Defined Our Goal – It’s Time To Describe Its Current Reality

~ DDAA ~ Due Dates And Accountability

~ STC ~ Structural Tension Charting

~ CA ~ Controlled Autonomy

~ STWP ~ Seeing The Whole Picture

~ SCOTRAF ~ Structural Conflicts Of The Rich And Famous

~ TDOP ~ The Dynamism of Purpose

~ MOAWOP ~ Matching Our Actions With Our Purpose

~ DSTM ~ Doing Something That Matters

~ WHNBTTT-WHBTTUIAA-‘D’-ATCRAWWAK ~ We Have Not Been Taught To Think – We Have Been Taught To Use Information As A – “Database” – And Then Compare Reality Against What We Already Know

~ DWWTOOLASA – OATODTWCAM? ~ Do We Want To Organize Our Lives Around Satisfying Appetites – Or Are There Other Desires That We Care About More?

~ SOVCFALYWAVC ~ Substituting One Vague Concept For Another Leaves You With A Vague Concept

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