~ H ~ Happeneur

~ EYMP ~ Expand Your Mental Paradigms

~ MPDNLTBRMTWTL ~ Most People Do Not Love Truth But Rather Make True What They Love

~ FAMFL ~ Find A Meaning For Living

~ DNTYTS ~ Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

~ GTCBSAC-MCC ~ Given The Choice Between Simplicity And Complication – Most Choose Complexity

~ KYLS ~ Keep Your Life Simple

~ DNBAA ~ Do Not Be An Accumulator

~ LG ~ Let Go

~ P-BTA ~ Plan – But Take Action

~ MIH ~ Make It Happen

~ TTOASBAGTBP ~ Take Time Outs And Step Back And Get The Big Picture

~ DNTTDE-JDS ~ Do Not Try To Do Everything – Just Do Something

~ F ~ Focus

~ GAACP ~ Go At A Comfortable Pace

~ LINFOP-LIP ~ Life Is Not Full Of Problems – Life Is Problems

~ TRTSIPUC ~ The Road To Success Is Permanently Under Construction

~ TBDITWHED ~ The Best Deal In The World Happens Every Day

~ TWIWSIQS ~ That Which Is Well Said Is Quickly Said

~ PTAOB ~ Practice The Art Of Brevity

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