~ WHTTTAIA? ~ Who Has Time To Think About It Anyway?

~ TDACUTRTLOTHM ~ The Digital Age Challenges Us To Rethink The Limits Of The Human Mind

~ AEWTLALDOATTMTAFMTU ~ An Environment Where The Loud And Lewd Drown Out Anything That Takes More Than A Few Moments To Understand

~ TDACUTRTLOTHM ~ The Digital Age Challenges Us To Rethink The Limits Of The Human Mind

~ Y-EVOBISATFIATEOB ~ Yes – Each Variety Of Beep Is Studied And Tested For Its Ability To Entrain Our Behavior

~ ‘PVS’ ~ “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”

~ TSWOITRTBAO-TTVDOA ~ The Simplest Way Out Is To Refuse To Be Always On – That’s The Very Definition Of Autonomy

~ YMACNOTA ~ You May Always Choose None Of The Above

~ CILAGPWTWTGTTTWTCGHTS ~ Choice Is Less About Giving People What They Want Then Getting Them To Take What The Choice-Giver Has To Sell

~ TMWLTCTTAC-TMPAMWBO ~ The More We Learn To Conform To The Available Choices – The More Predictable And Machinelike We Become Ourselves

~ BACAC-ODMTTPUIOCIORSVODWP ~ Biased Against Contradiction And Compromise – Our Digital Media Tend To Polarize Us Into Opposing Camps Incapable Of Recognizing Shared Values Or Dealing With Paradox

~ OMTDCU-BOIAL ~ Our Mediating Technologies Do Connect Us – But On Increasingly Abstracted Levels

~ ITMTIA-WWHPWSLTRT ~ In The March Toward Increasing Abstraction – Whatever We Had Previously Will Seem Like The Real Thing

~ YOYOW ~ You Own Your Own Words

~ CWNK-CI ~ Content Was Never King – Contact Is

~ PANAFOC ~ People Are Not A Form Of Content

~ MS&LN ~ More Signal And Less Noise

~ S-DS ~ Share – Don’t Steal

~ RIJPOBMOACS ~ Restraint Is Just Part Of Being Members Of A Civilized Society

~ YA-WHSTUOANTATASEWHSTCOO ~ Yet Again – We Have Surrendered The Unfolding Of A New Technological Age To A Small Elite Who Have Seized The Capability On Offer

~ TCFORUEUHAVDUAD ~ Technologies Created For One Reason Usually End Up Having A Very Different Use And Effect


~ TBU-AIMBU ~ To Be Useful – An Item Must Be Used

~ OSS ~ Other Stuff’s Stuff

~ YANWYO ~ You Are Not What You Own

~ LS=LS ~ Less Stuff = Less Stress

~ TCBA-TCTUDAKUFENIADNT ~ Things Can Be Anchors – They Can Tie Us Down And Keep Us From Exploring New Interests And Developing New Talents

~ EWO ~ Enjoy Without Owning

~ TJOE ~ The Joy Of Enough

~ DIIEWYTOIADWTK-RTDWTTA ~ Decluttering Is Infinitely Easier When You Think Of It As Deciding What To Keep – Rather Than Deciding What To Throw Away

~ TTOT ~ Trash – Treasure – Or – Transfer

~ IYONAH-WHOTAB? ~ If You Only Need A Handful – Why Hang On To A Bucketful?

~ SATBDMYAS ~ Storing All Those Books Doesn’t Make You Any Smarter

~ SETFTSA ~ Stuff Expands To Fill The Space Available

~ TSLOGDIYSPMITT ~ The Stuff Level Only Goes Down If You Stop Pouring More In The Top

~ IALR-NASR ~ It’s A Living Room – Not A Storage Room

~ OPC ~ Other People’s Clutter

~ WSKTF-OLS-ACAP ~ We Should Keep The Floor – Our Largest Surface – As Clear As Possible

~ IOCI-OGO ~ If One Comes In – One Goes Out

~ F ~ Floordrobe

~ POCBNTW ~ Plenty Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear

~ TFINAFS ~ The Floor Is Not A Filing System


~ TISANG ~ Think In Specifics And Not Generalities
~ BDLTIST ~ Break Down Large Tasks Into Smaller Tasks
~ WOIFJASM ~ Work On It For Just A Single Minute
~ AAI ~ Act As If
~ DAAE ~ Develop An Action Environment
~ AC ~ Avoid Clutter
~ HEPOPOO ~ Handle Each Piece Of Paper Only Once
~ DODOD ~ Do Or Delegate Or Ditch
~ RYFGB(R) ~ Reward Yourself For Good Behavior (Reinforcement)
~ CAYIYAAOR ~ Continually Ask Yourself If You Are Analyzing Or Rationalizing