~ TBU-AIMBU ~ To Be Useful – An Item Must Be Used
~ OSS ~ Other Stuff’s Stuff
~ YANWYO ~ You Are Not What You Own
~ LS=LS ~ Less Stuff = Less Stress
~ TCBA-TCTUDAKUFENIADNT ~ Things Can Be Anchors – They Can Tie Us Down And Keep Us From Exploring New Interests And Developing New Talents
~ EWO ~ Enjoy Without Owning
~ TJOE ~ The Joy Of Enough
~ DIIEWYTOIADWTK-RTDWTTA ~ Decluttering Is Infinitely Easier When You Think Of It As Deciding What To Keep – Rather Than Deciding What To Throw Away
~ TTOT ~ Trash, Treasure, or Transfer
~ IYONAH-WHOTAB? ~ If You Only Need A Handful – Why Hang On To A Bucketful?
~ SATBDMYAS ~ Storing All Those Books Doesn’t Make You Any Smarter
~ SETFTSA ~ Stuff Expands To Fill The Space Available
~ TSLOGDIYSPMITT ~ The Stuff Level Only Goes Down If You Stop Pouring More In The Top
~ IALR-NASR ~ It’s A Living Room – Not A Storage Room
~ OPC ~ Other People’s Clutter
~ WSKTF-OLS-ACAP ~ We Should Keep The Floor – Our Largest Surface – As Clear As Possible
~ IOCI-OGO ~ If One Comes In – One Goes Out
~ F ~ Floordrobe
~ POCBNTW ~ Plenty Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear
~ TFINAFS ~ The Floor Is Not A Filing System

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