~ NCIP ~ Never Criticize In Public

~ SCBTSOP ~ Sandwich Criticism Between Thick Slices Of Praise

~ L ~ Listen

~ AEAYWBE ~ Act Enthusiastic And You Will Become Enthusiastic

~ GSP ~ Give Sincere Praise

~ PWSWTHTC ~ People Will Support What They Help To Create

~ E ~ Enthusiasm

~ P ~ Persistence

~ C ~ Courtesy

~ TSOTLDTSOTG ~ The Speed Of The Leader Determines The Speed Of The Group

~ YACYA ~ Your Attitude Controls Your Altitude

~ LBE ~ Lead By Example

~ HAOD ~ Have An Open Door

~ YBWP ~ You Build With People

~ NMAOTEYA ~ Never Miss An Opportunity To Express Your Appreciation

~ ASNMC:R-I-E-A-I ~ A Successful Newsletter Must Contain: Recognition – Information – Education – And – Inspiration

~ YCNROYL ~ You Can Not Rest On Your Laurels

~ FFTS ~ Fail Forward To Success

~ NHUSSS ~ Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something

~ PMSEQ ~ Production Minus Sales Equals Garbage


~ PDEDSTAAI ~ Politically Dominant Elites Don’t See Themselves As Acting Ideologically

~ FTI-IULLCSD ~ From The Inside – Ideology Usually Looks Like Common Sense

~ TGM ~ The Great Moderation

~ HTUTWRLFH ~ History Teaches Us That We Rarely Learn From History

~ IWDNKTZIOAFA-TWDEMDNT ~ If We Do Not Kill These Zombie Ideas Once And For All – They Will Do Even More Damage Next Time

~ AARFWFWICTCEO ~ Arguments Against Rewarding Failure Were Forgotten When It Came To CEOs

~ WTRAGM? ~ Was There Really A Great Moderation?

~ JR ~ Jobless Recovery

~ TGMVWSR ~ The Great Moderation Vanished With Surprising Rapidity

~ TPTMHWHSFW-EGR-TBCOFTOR-HNBF ~ The Promise That Most Households Would Have Sufficient Financial Wealth – Earning Good Returns – To Be Capable Of Financing Their Own Retirement – Has Not Been Fulfilled

~ TUSOTGFS-A-TLOASMTMER-STWBMSTC ~ The Unstable State Of The Global Financial System – And – The Lack Of Any Significant Movement Towards More Effective Regulation – Suggests There Will Be More Shocks To Come

~ TGOTFS ~ The Growth Of The Financial Sector

~ TFSHBFMIIPPWNWTGID ~ The Financial Sector Has Been Far More Interested In Providing People With New Ways To Get Into Debt

~ BABB ~ Bigger And Better Bubbles

~ ITLCOI-TWEHAAIOSTCJBID ~ In The Life Cycle Of Ideas – The Point Where Everyone Has Accepted An Idea Often Seems To Come Just Before Its Death

~ PC ~ Phillips Curve

~ NCS ~ New Classical School

~ RE ~ Rationality Everywhere

~ B&MM ~ Bubbles And Minsky Moments

~ TDE ~ Trickle-Down Economics

~ ATESTCCTPDTBTRATEOTPHDPT ~ All The Evidence Supports The Commonsense Conclusion That Policies Designed To Benefit The Rich At The Expense Of The Poor Have Done Precisely That

~ HIAEAPOTEOML ~ Homelessness Is Almost Entirely A Phenomenon Of The Era Of Market Liberalism

~ CGUWTPHTISAWPCNBSTHATEO ~ Children Growing Up With The Poor Health That Is Systematically Associated With Poverty Can Never Be Said To Have A Truly Equal Opportunity

~ OFTVWODTDBOHIOTAEOLIAUS ~ Only For The Very Well-Off Do The Direct Benefits Of Higher Income Outweigh The Adverse Effects Of Living In An Unequal Society

~ AISATPWCATRIPIUTBKBMEOIF ~ An Idea So Appealing To People Who Can Afford To Reward Its Promulgators Is Unlikely To Be Killed By Mere Evidence Of Its Falsehood

~ PISOAR ~ Policy In Search Of A Rationale

~ TMEIB-AIHTS ~ The Mixed Economy Is Back – And It’s Here To Stay

~ EFTTFC ~ Economics For The Twenty-First Century

~ AETETHBDFMTTDWNGASBIPAIWTF ~ An Approach To Economics That Has Been Dominant For More Than Three Decades Will Not Go Away Simply Because Its Predictions Are Inconsistent With The Facts

~ RCNLBIOWOOETFMCT ~ Risk Can No Longer Be Ignored Or Wished Out Of Existence Through Financial Market Conjuring Tricks