~ TFDCWFII-TFJCATF ~ The Funnel Doesn’t Care Who Falls Into It – The Funnel Just Cares About The Funnel

~ TZMOT ~ The Zero Moment Of Truth

~ APAWIOPW ~ All Products Are Windows Into Other Possible Worlds

~ FSTCWTCC-L-L-E-A ~ For Steps To Connect With The Connected Customer – Listen – Learn – Engage – Adapt

~ EBIAJ-TA-SIEC ~ Every Business Is A Journey – Then Again – So Is Ever Customer

~ EINSYD-EIAWOL ~ Engagement Is Not Something You Do – Engagement Is A Way Of Life

~ AMAE ~ All Markets Are Experiences

~ TBBBWE ~ The Best Businesses Begin With Empathy

~ GPSTSW-STBI ~ Give People Something To Stand With – Something To Believe In

~ TBTDDTOMWFTMDFT ~ Those Businesses That Don’t Disrupt Their Own Markets Will Find Their Markets Disrupted For Them

~ IID-B ~ If In Doubt – Begin

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