~ ‘DOCI’ ~ “Declaration of Cyberspace Independence”

~ RA ~ Root Authority

~ TRONDNEI-BRCWTA ~ The Rise Of Networking Did Not Eliminate Intermediaries – But Rather Changed Who They Are

~ ITIC-TAALI ~ In The Internet Context – There Are Always Local Intermediaries

~ CIL ~ “Code Is Law”

~ ICBGFTTATIAAFC-B-UIAIAUPTI ~ It Can Be Great Fun To Talk About The Internet As A Formless Cyberspace – But – Underneath It All Is An Ugly Physical Transport Infrastructure

~ ‘GWOC’-BWAB ~ “Great Wall of China” – Built With American Bricks

~ Government Controls Need Not Be Perfect To Be Effective

~ TOCDTSLADECRBLTTE ~ Technologies Of Control Designed To Serve Legitimate And Desired Ends Can Rarely Be Limited To Those Ends

~ CABB ~ Cybercrimes Are Big Business

~ TPROITTGCIISHNH ~ The Predicted Rise Of International Treaties To Govern Contested Internet Issues Simply Has Not Happened

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