~ AEOD ~ An Excess Of Democracy ~ Samuel Huntington ~ The Crisis Of Democracy

~ TIM ~ Trans Inibulous Medibation

~ ATOTP ~ A Thing Of The Past

~ OYGACPOY-YANGIB ~ Once You Give A Charlatan Power Over You – You Almost Never Get It Back ~ Carl Sagan

~ HNIYHTYDNKTBUOBTBB ~ Have Nothing In Your Houses That You Do Not Know To Be Useful Or Believe To Be Beautiful ~ William Morris

~ IIETBWATE ~ It Is Easy To Be Wise After The Event

~ IIEO-ANT-TSFI ~ It Is Error Only – And Not Truth – That Shrinks From Inquiry ~ Thomas Paine

~ IWHBHTFITTDI ~ It Would Have Been Harder To Fake It Than To Do It ~ Neil Armstrong

~ BIS ~ Believing Is Seeing ~ John Slader

~ JB-IVDEWCAE-DMIT ~ Just Because – It’s Vivid, Detailed, Expressed With Confidence And Emotion – Doesn’t Mean It’s True ~ Elizabeth Loftus

~ TVFOSITKTDOTD ~ The Very Foundation Of Science Is To Keep The Door Open To Doubt ~ Carlo Rovelli ~ The Uselessness Of Certainty

~IWBBE-WTTRAEOTB ~ If We’ve Been Bamboozled Enough – We Tend To Reject Any Evidence Of The Bamboozle ~ Carl Sagan

~ IILTUTSH ~ It Is Likely That Unlikely Things Should Happen ~ Aristotle

~ IHASHTUA-ITPADANTSAT ~ If History And Science Have Taught Us Anything – Its’ That Passion And Desire Are Not The Same As Truth ~ Edward Wilson ~ Consilience

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