~ TCOAOS ~ The Challenge Of An Open Society

~ TPWAH ~ The Privacy We Already Have

~ UTOOALTHSUWITP ~ Underutilized Tools Of Openness And Light That Have Served Us Well In The Past

~ TCONP ~ The Concerns Of Normal People

~ TEOPAPOAAA ~ The End Of Photography As Proof Of Anything At All

~ IAWWACBFW-TTMDSTALOW! ~ In A World Where Anyone Can Bear False Witness – Try To Make Damn Sure There Are Lots Of Witnesses!

~ POCP ~ Projections Of Cybernetic Paradise

~ WGIITHCBSTLOOA ~ We Gain Insight Into The Human Condition By Studying The Lore Of Our Ancestors

~ SITW ~ Spying In The Workplace

~ TCOPI ~ The Commercialization Of Personal Information

~ TLDOPISNCIS ~ The Legal Definition Of Privacy Is Still Not Chiseled In Stone

~ LWBBPBLTBS ~ Liberty Will Be Better Protected By Light Than By Shadows

~ AEOM? ~ An Economy Of Micropayments?

~ PDLSOGAWS ~ People Don’t Like Seeing Others Get Away With Something

~ QA ~ Question Authority

~ IAAMOAC ~ I Am A Member Of A Civilization

~ OACAEFTSOAC ~ Openness And Candor Are Essential For The Survival Of Any Civilization

~ ‘NT’ ~ “Net-Tourette”

~ IAWOSI-‘V’-WGII ~ In A World Of Secret Identities – “Vouching” – Will Grow Increasingly Important

~ MAS ~ Mutually Assured Surveillance

~ PR ~ Predictions Registry

~ NCPEHMTITAAFTF ~ No Conceivable Power Entices Humans More Than Improving Their Accuracy At Forecasting The Future

~ ATCE ~ Achieving Truly Creative Eccentricity

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