~ TBTC-TBTBOP ~ The Bigger The Claim – The Bigger The Burden Of Proof

~ IJNTHTFP ~ It’s Just Not That Hard To Fool People

~ WOIBCI-OMF ~ Where One Irrational Belief Creeps In – Others May Follow

~ TSWTPWCBAECOEITLFTEAF ~ The Smart Way To Proceed When Confronted By An Extraordinary Claim Or Event Is To Look For The Easy Answers First

~ WAFTTORAFPTCT-WFTHATTDCT ~ Watch Out For The Trap Of Remembering A Few Predictions That Came True – While Forgetting The Hundreds And Thousands That Didn’t Come True

~ BGAFOSTITTSPWNEETITAMMTTDU-GTMWBM ~ Bias, Greed, Arrogance, Fear, Overconfidence, Susceptibility To Illusions, Tendency To See Patterns Where None Exist, Excessive Trust In Tradition, And Many More Traits That Define Us – Guarantee That Mistakes Will Be Made

~ COE ~ Convergence Of Evidence

~ PSROSWATVOSI-NP ~ People Should Rely On Science When Assessing The Validity Of Scientific Issues – Not Politics

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