~ F&A ~ Foreseeable And Inevitable

~ TUVTPEGINAAPTA ~ The Unrealistic View That Perpetual Economic Growth Is Necessary And Also Possible To Achieve

~ TGEIPAZSG-WAESPTBDATW ~ The Global Economy Is Playing A Zero-Sum Game – With An Ever-Shrinking Pot To Be Divided Among The Winners

~ TITGWSOASPTCIHN ~ The Idea That Growth Will Stall Out At Some Point This Century Is Hardly New

~ TNTGCAEWNCBACPPPUISQ-ASWP-‘D’-BPGBI ~ The Notion That Growth Cannot And Will Not Continue Beyond A Certain Point Proved Profoundly Upsetting In Some Quarters – And Soon Was Prominently – “Debunked” – By Pro-Growth Business Interests

~ ATEOCAFFCTAE-OAACEABSTTC ~ As The Era Of Cheap, Abundant Fossil Fuels Comes To An End – Our Assumptions About Continued Expansion Are Being Shaken To Their Core

~ CETWFDTAHPOSGTINE ~ Current Economic Theories Were Formulated During The Anomalous Historical Period Of Sustained Growth That Is Now Ending

~ TIRWRTFFR ~ The Industrial Revolution Was Really The Fossil Fuel Revolution

~ EOCG-TIEAOCAGD ~ Expectations Of Continuing Growth – Translated Into Enormous Amounts Of Consumer And Government Debt

~ NAEHFFTNTGWGOF-WTSHBLIIPC-THDPUPTCHSA ~ Not All Economists Have Fallen For The Notion That Growth Will Go On Forever – While These Schools Have Been Largely Ignored In Policy Circles – They Have Developed Potentially Useful Plans That Could Help Society Adapt

~ TAOGDNNIALOCOI ~ The Absence Of Growth Does Not Necessarily Imply A Lack Of Change Or Improvement

~ IOM-WMSFB ~ Instead Of More – We Must Strive For Better

~ RTPIEAFIOS-WMETWIQOLWSC ~ Rather Than Promoting Increased Economic Activity For Its Own Sake – We Must Emphasize That Which Increases Quality Of Life Without Stoking Consumption

~ MIE-HCTRC-WASPOEATTFOSBOTROFIVOAAOROIA ~ Modern Industrial Economies – Have Come To Resemble Casinos – Where A Significant Proportion Of Economic Activity Takes The Form Of Speculative Bets On The Rise Or Fall In Value Of An Array Of Real Or Illusory Assets

~ CIATBD ~ Civilization Is About To Be Downsized

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