~ MID-HCW ~ Mass Is Dead – Here Comes Weird

~ TTAPWCMALAPOPBOEP ~ Today There Are People Who Can Make A Living As Painters Or Professional Bowlers Or Even Poets

~ WYCAPWMJAFDADTTLOPETC-YOTDTHTW ~ When You Can Add People Who Make Just A Few Dollars A Day To The List Of People Entitled To Choice – You’ve Opened The Door To Half The World

~ IYPITTBATTAP-YWF ~ If You Persist In Trying To Be All Things To All People – You Will Fail

~ BSITAFP ~ Be Something Important To A Few People

~ IYCTTN-YWDTW ~ If You Cater To The Normal – You Will Disappoint The Weird

~ OFAMAMNTTAA ~ Objects Far Away May Appear More Normal Than They Actually Are

~ OCI-JAEIW ~ On Close Inspection – Just About Everybody Is Weird

~ TMTSLBOT-WTREAGA ~ The Markets That Seem Like Big Opportunities Today – Were Tiny Rounding Errors A Generation Ago


~ FY ~ Find Yourself

~ BY ~ Be Yourself

~ DTITOOTI ~ Do Things In The Order Of Their Importance

~ LTO ~ Learn To Organize

~ LTD ~ Learn To Deputize

~ LTS ~ Learn To Supervise

~ LTRWYADYW ~ Learn To Relax While You Are Doing Your Work

~ DNMYWHTIAI ~ Do Not Make Your Work Harder Than It Actually Is

~ GYA’P’TE ~ Give Yourself A “Pep” Talk Everyday

~ GWYWATEI ~ Get What You Want And Then Enjoy It

~ CYBANYT ~ Count Your Blessing And Not Your Troubles

~ DNPATUC ~ Do Not Pay Attention To Unjust Criticism

~ UCIOADC ~ Unjust Criticism Is Often A Disguised Compliment

~ FAPSSTTIYIALMPTTTIO-AALLD ~ From A Purely Selfish Standpoint Trying To Improve Yourself Is A Lot More Profitable Than Trying To Improve Others – And A Lot Less Dangerous

~ AFCCAMFD ~ Any Fool Can Criticize And Most Fools Do

~ UIOC ~ Understand Instead Of Condemn

~ TKAITFA ~ To Know All Is To Forgive All

~ SRFTOOO ~ Show Respect For The Opinions Of Others

~ NTATTAW ~ Never Tell Anyone That They Are Wrong


~ AADWORTCAT ~ Accept And Deal With Obstacles Rather Than Complain About Them

~ SISBNE ~ Success Is Simple But Not Easy

~ IINWYKBWYDWWYKTMFS ~ It Is Not What You Know But What You Do With What You Know That Makes For Success

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ ASIPS ~ All Success Is People Success

~ DWTWF ~ Deal With The Worst First

~ DIFNM ~ Do It For Nine Minutes

~ NLWGTW ~ Never Let Work Go To Waste

~ TINSPAAIWTHCITHOSWCS ~ There Is Nothing So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come In The Hands Of Someone Who Can Sell

~ TPDOTSOATITSOTPL ~ The Primary Determinant Of The Success Of A Team Is The Skill Of The Person Leading

~ GID-TGIR ~ Get It Down – Then Get It Right