~ E&E ~ Excellence And Ethics

~ CV ~ Core Values

~ WSSEMWP&P? ~ Why Should Society Entrust Me With Power And Prestige?

~ SOMI ~ Sense Of Moral Identity

~ TMT-OWWCLPITMCWBSTHAOI ~ The Mirror Test – Only When We Can Look Proudly In The Mirror Can We Be Said To Have Affirmed Our Identity

~ TUMT-WWIBLTLIAWIEWTBITWTIH? ~ The Universal Mirror Test – What Would It Be Like To Live In A World If Everyone Were To Behave In The Way That I Have?

~ DFC ~ Deeply Felt Convictions

~ ACEOIIM-PMDFTWLTWNCAWTWNCT ~ A Central Element Of Identity Is Moral – People Must Determine For Themselves What Lines They Will Not Cross And Why They Will Not Cross Them

~ RLICICAWWAWWWTAWWASAWWAFS ~ Rich Lives Include Continuing Internal Conversations About Who We Are, What We Want To Achieve, Where We Are Successful And Where We Are Falling Short

~ TQOLITFWDOWWFAWTDGWU-CC ~ The Quality Of Life In The Future Will Depend On Whether We Find A Way To Do Good Work Under – Changing Conditions

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