~ AADWORTCAT ~ Accept And Deal With Obstacles Rather Than Complain About Them

~ SISBNE ~ Success Is Simple But Not Easy

~ IINWYKBWYDWWYKTMFS ~ It Is Not What You Know But What You Do With What You Know That Makes For Success

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ ASIPS ~ All Success Is People Success

~ DWTWF ~ Deal With The Worst First

~ DIFNM ~ Do It For Nine Minutes

~ NLWGTW ~ Never Let Work Go To Waste

~ TINSPAAIWTHCITHOSWCS ~ There Is Nothing So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come In The Hands Of Someone Who Can Sell

~ TPDOTSOATITSOTPL ~ The Primary Determinant Of The Success Of A Team Is The Skill Of The Person Leading

~ GID-TGIR ~ Get It Down – Then Get It Right

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