~ MID-HCW ~ Mass Is Dead – Here Comes Weird

~ TTAPWCMALAPOPBOEP ~ Today There Are People Who Can Make A Living As Painters Or Professional Bowlers Or Even Poets

~ WYCAPWMJAFDADTTLOPETC-YOTDTHTW ~ When You Can Add People Who Make Just A Few Dollars A Day To The List Of People Entitled To Choice – You’ve Opened The Door To Half The World

~ IYPITTBATTAP-YWF ~ If You Persist In Trying To Be All Things To All People – You Will Fail

~ BSITAFP ~ Be Something Important To A Few People

~ IYCTTN-YWDTW ~ If You Cater To The Normal – You Will Disappoint The Weird

~ OFAMAMNTTAA ~ Objects Far Away May Appear More Normal Than They Actually Are

~ OCI-JAEIW ~ On Close Inspection – Just About Everybody Is Weird

~ TMTSLBOT-WTREAGA ~ The Markets That Seem Like Big Opportunities Today – Were Tiny Rounding Errors A Generation Ago

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