~ BTW-B-V-F-I-AVII ~ By The Way – Being – Value-Free – Is – A Value In Itself

~ E-AP-AFTP-SV-WTBV-F-AFTBI-TIHOTM-WTBWM ~ Economics – A Paradox – A Field That Primarily – Studies Values – Wants To Be Value-Free – A Field That Believes In – The Invisible Hand Of The Market – Wants To Be Without Mysteries

~ TIM-R-M-A-A-I-E-TTI-M ~ There Is More – Religion – Myth – And – Archetype – In – Economics – Than There Is – Mathematics

~ DYUA-E-ISFO-T-TEAPUO ~ Dominant Yet Unspoken Assumptions – Economics – Is Surprisingly Full Of – Tautologies – That Economists Are Predominantly Unaware Of

~ E-AWKIT-IACP-APOOC ~ Economics – As We Know It Today – Is A Cultural Phenomenon – A Product Of Our Civilization

~ CHHAHIOTFOTME ~ Christianity Has Had A Huge Influence On The Formation Of The Modern Economy

~ DIPTBG-ODGEOTCOE? ~ Does It Pay To Be Good – Or Does Good Exist Outside The Calculus Of Economics?

~ WCNPFWWSWDIFIFD ~ We Can Never Predict From Which Well Science Will Draw Inspiration For Its Further Development

~ GPRTHRHBTDOTFTI ~ Governing People Reduced To Human-Robots Has Been The Dream Of Tyrants From Time Immemorial

~ BAAR:H ~ Between Animal And Robot: Human

~ TTTHCATEOEIJAOAHI ~ The Thought That Humanity Comes At The Expense Of Efficiency Is Just As Old As Humanity Itself

~ IIWNTTREONHIR-S-IR ~ It Is Worth Noticing That The Rational Examination Of Nature Has Its Roots – Surprisingly – In Religion

~ TDA ~ The Debt Age

~ EEHNGAWIWBPTR-TWOKGFGS ~ Economic Effort Has No Goal At Which It Would Be Possible To Rest – Today We Only Know Growth For Growth’s Sake

~ PE ~ Poet Economists

~ TSON ~ The Society Of Neighbors

~ TBAAER ~ The Bible As An Economic Reading

~ MOOSAEICFCOADRI ~ Most Of Our Social And Economic Ideals Come From Christianity Or Are Derived From It

~ EHDFMET ~ Ethics Has Disappeared From Mainstream Economic Thought

~ ABGE-LASL-FAITPF-MTMTIOM ~ Although Both Great Emotions – Love And Self-Love – Frequently Appear In Their Pure Forms – Mostly They Mix Together In Our Motives

~ TNOHBEBTCOTS ~ The Norms Of Human Behavior Existed Before The Creation Of The State

~ FNR-ATMFBHB ~ Feelings Not Rationality – Are The Moving Force Behind Human Behavior

~ SFHTEOT-WWRI ~ Strength Frequently Hides The Essence Of Things – While Weakness Reveals It

~ CAAD ~ Consumption As A Drug

~ POEWGDIHATDA ~ Perhaps Our Era Will Go Down In History As The Debt Age

~ SMOTEIRYWNGDP-BGDP ~ So Much Of The Expansion In Recent Years Was Not Gross Domestic Product – But Gross Debt Product

~ WANESWWAGT-BWCFTSBA ~ We Are Not Exactly Sure What We Are Growing Toward – But We Compensate For This Shortcoming By Accelerating

~ TNTPCSTWHTAFOSHPE ~ The Notion That Progress Can Save The World Has Taken A Form Of Social Hope Par Excellence

~ TFTOSEIATBIHWOOTSCITROSP ~ The Fact That Our Scientific Era Is Among The Bloodiest In History Was One Of The Serious Cracks In The Religion Of Secular Progress

~ TIALAMEWTBLFOO-P-M-R-A-P-AF-EASMMOEB ~ There Is At Least As Much Economic Wisdom To Be Learned From Our Own – Philosophers – Myths – Religions – And – Poets – As From – Exact And Strict Mathematical Models Of Economic Behavior

~ ODAA-WHTBTHTDABSWTD ~ Our Desires Are Artificial – We Have To Be Taught How To Desire And Be Shown What To Desire

~ DNS-WWASOA ~ Dreams Never Sleep – Whether We Are Sleeping Or Awake

~ SRFC ~ Stories Retold For Centuries

~ SIATTWTSN-SI-TWDNEN-LAQ-T ~ Successful Ideologies Are Those That We Take So Naturally – So Ideologically – That We Do Not Even Notice – Let Alone Question – Them

~ ETITEOIAWATB-TIOMRWTCOETM ~ Economic Theory Influences The Expectations Of Individuals As Well As Their Behavior – That Is One More Reason Why The Choice Of Economic Theory Matters

~ SWBATTTTWA-STMTD ~ Sometimes Warnings Bring About The Things That They Warn About – Sometimes They Make Them Disappear

~ WCFHCEIITOC ~ We Completely Forgot How Clueless Economics Is In Times Of Crisis

~ TAIAC-FIIUN ~ The Truth Appears In A Crisis – Frequently In Its Unpleasant Nakedness

~ WTANITP-IHSAM-OIDJ-TAWU ~ Wild Things Are Not In The Past – In Heroic Stories And Movies – Or In Distant Jungles – They Are Within Us

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