~ TECORWNWAITSS ~ The Economists’ Conception Of Rationality Was Never Widely Accepted In The Social Sciences

~ K(K)-ASTAPTGSTWWRFTUP ~ Kludge (Kluge) – A Solution To A Problem That Gets Something To Work Without Really Fixing The Underlying Problem

~ WHAAATIT-U-WAHVLCOI ~ We Have An Amazing Ability To Ignore Things – Unfortunately – We Also Have Very Little Control Over It

~ RWUBAASOTT-ITE-ISWNPETP ~ Reason Wound Up Being Assigned All Sorts Of Tasks That – In The End – It Simply Was Not Powerful Enough To Perform

~ SIABP-OT ~ Successful Institutions Are Built Piecemeal – Over Time

~ IBTTTMOLAG-COT-TWASWH ~ It’s Better To Take Things More Or Less As Given – Change One Thing – Then Wait And See What Happens

~ ATNOCI-TCTSWD-EIOBA-IP ~ As The Number Of Cooperators Increases – The Chances That Someone Will Defect – Even If Only By Accident – Increases Proportionately

~ HACEMPMLTCWOA ~ Having A Common Enemy Makes People More Likely To Cooperate With One Another

~ WAELITTRIMMPTIIBWIATESAKTWHCOTIOTAIIIO ~ We Are Easily Lulled Into Thinking That Reason Is Much More Powerful Than It Is Because We Ignore All The Environmental Scaffolding And Kluges That We Have Constructed Over Time In Order To Assist It In Its Operations

~ IWFCBRP-EWTNA ~ Impressions We Form Can Be Remarkably Persistent – Even When They’re Not Accurate

~ CIBOASOSTHEOBDTOTLOOTSI ~ Civilization Is Built On A Set Of Strategies That Have Evolved Or Been Designed To Overcome The Limitations Of Our Tribal Social Instincts

~ FTA-CB-IAOOTHOST ~ Failure To Appreciate – Confirmation Bias – Is Actually One Of The Hallmarks Of – “Superstitious” – Thinking

~ WTTJTQOABWONTGCTWAB ~ We Tend To Judge The Quality Of Arguments By Whether Or Not They Generate Conclusions That We Already Believe

~ NWTTAOHI ~ New Ways To Take Advantage Of Human Irrationality

~ I-ASTBTCRC ~ Increasingly – Advertising Seeks To Bypass The Consumer’s Rationality Completely

~ EIOTEOR ~ Easy Is Often The Enemy Of Reason

~ CRH ~ Classic Rationalist Hubris

~ TGD-IYFAMT-‘R’-ATJKRIOAOA-MPWCTBIROWIWT ~ The Great Discovery – If You Found A Message That – “Resonated” – And Then Just Kept Repeating It Over And Over Again – Many People Would Come To Believe It Regardless Of Whether It Was True

~ HTE ~ Hostility To Expertise

~ JKAOBDNMULSTT ~ Just Knowing About Our Biases Does Not Make Us Less Susceptible To Them

~ R-ITSORTWFWWWOBTCTR-WWWTAFITPOOO-AWWWTAOPFLLIC ~ Rationality – Is The Set Of Rules That We Follow When We Want Our Beliefs To Correspond To Reality – When We Want To Avoid Failure In The Pursuit Of Our Objectives – And When We Want To Agree On Principles For Living Life In Common

~ WIIINTHAIATPOFR-IIJAINTHAIATA ~ While It Is Important Not To Have Any Illusions About The Power Of Human Reason – It Is Just As Important Not To Have Any Illusions About The Alternative


~ S-DACS-IAVSN ~ Specialize – Develop A Core Skill – In A Very Small Niche

~ CANTYE-WYCEASACOBAAL ~ Choose A Niche That You Enjoy – Where You Can Excel And Stand A Chance Of Becoming An Acknowledged Leader

~ RTKIP ~ Realize That Knowledge Is Power

~ IYMAYCCASTB ~ Identify Your Market And Your Core Customers And Serve Them Best

~ IW20POEG80POR ~ Identify Where 20 Percent Of Effort Gives 80 Percent Of Returns

~ LFTB ~ Learn From The Best

~ BSEEIYC ~ Become Self-Employed Early In Your Career

~ EAMNVCAP ~ Employ As Many Net Value Creators As Possible

~ UOCFEBYCS ~ Use Outside Contractors For Everything But Your Core Skill

~ ECL ~ Exploit Capital Leverage


~ RYU ~ Realize Your Uniqueness

~ EYAAGROMCTPYFRYP ~ Expand Your Awareness And Get Rid Of Mistaken Certainties That Prevent You From Realizing Your Potential

~ CAG ~ Choose A Goal

~ LWFS ~ Look Within For Solutions

~ AYG ~ Affirm Your Goal

~ GYTTS ~ Give Your Thoughts To Success

~ MT ~ Master Time

~ EPEFNO ~ Exchange Positive Emotions For Negative Ones

~ RYHTFWTC ~ Remember You Have The Free Will To Change


~ TLOATN ~ The Lure Of All Things Natural

~ TVC ~ The Vitamin Craze

~ M&P ~ Money And Politics

~ CHAHTR ~ Charismatic Healers Are Hard To Resist

~ MPITTFC ~ Magic Potions In The Twenty-First Century

~ TRP-HU-PR ~ The Remarkably Powerful – Highly Underrated – Placebo Response

~ SPW-SWNUT? ~ Some Placebos Work – So Why Not Use Them?

~ SBMT ~ Seduced By Marketing Terms

~ MDAOHIAAR ~ Making Decisions About Our Health Is An Awesome Responsibility

~ F-DNH ~ First – Do No Harm


~ AOU-MTWR-APOTTAU ~ All Of Us – More Than We Recognize – Are Products Of The Thinking Around Us

~ NUYOI&NOTIOO ~ Never Underestimate Your Own Intelligence And Never Overestimate The Intelligence Of Others

~ COYA ~ Concentrate On Your Assets

~ DYST ~ Discover Your Superior Talents

~ ACF-IYF-PID-DEWYAAO-TTA-TISKOAFAKOF ~ Action Cures Fear – Isolate Your Fear – Pin It Down – Determine Exactly What You Are Afraid Of – Then Take Action – There Is Some Kind Of Action For Any Kind Of Fear

~ SB-ASIEMFCD ~ Smile Big – A Smile Is Excellent Medicine For Confidence Deficiency

~ PAVTT ~ Practice Adding Value To Things

~ PAVTP ~ Practice Adding Value To People

~ PAVTY ~ Practice Adding Value To Yourself

~ BTSTAMOATE-AWOLWTT-NBT ~ Big Thinkers See Themselves As Members Of A Team Effort – As Winning Or Losing With The Team – Not By Themselves

~ KYEFOTBO ~ Keep Your Eyes Focused On The Big Objective

~ DFITTT-DBSUSI-COIT ~ Don’t Fall Into The Triviality Trap – Don’t Become Submerged Under Surface Issues – Concentrate On Important Things

~ SO:BICBD ~ Step One: Believe It Can Be Done

~ WYB-YMFWTD ~ When You Believe – Your Mind Finds Ways To Do

~ WNI-BAEP-BUFR ~ Welcome New Ideas – Be An Experimental Person – Break Up Fixed Routines

~ TSCIDWYDB(ITQOYO)ADMOWYD(ITQOYO) ~ The Success Combination Is Do What You Do Better (Improve The Quality Of Your Output) And Do More Of What You Do (Increase The Quantity Of Your Output)

~ BCAYSOA-MIARTSAFPWK ~ Be Careful About Your Source Of Advice – Make It A Rule To Seek Advice From People Who Know

~ AG ~ Avoid Gossip

~ BGN ~ Broadcast Good News

~ WYHOFI-YHYFIT ~ When You Help Others Feel Important – You Help Yourself Feel Important Too

~ PA-W-H-P-C ~ Practice Appreciation – With – Honest – Personalized – Compliments

~ DHG ~ Don’t Hog Glory

~ CG-DBACH-L-WF-A-L ~ Conversation Generosity – Don’t Be A Conversation Hog – Listen – Win Friends – And – Learn

~ HYTWYLDHLIWBUYW ~ How You Think When You Lose Determines How Long It Will Be Until You Win

~ SWYG-IYAGR-TANA ~ Stay With Your Goal – If You Aren’t Getting Result – Try A New Approach

~ BYSO-KWYWTG ~ Before You Start Out – Know Where You Want To Go

~ SRHASEAYCOPYHASISYRD ~ Success Requires Heart And Soul Effort And You Can Only Put Your Heart And Soul Into Something You Really Desire

~ AHLSRTSATCOO ~ Achieving High-Level Success Requires The Support And The Cooperation Of Others

~ LYASYPPF ~ Let Your Action Show You Put People First

~ TEWD ~ Treat Everyone With Dignity

~ RYTTPPILITEI ~ Remind Yourself That The Primary Purpose In Life Is To Enjoy It

~ TIIEYD ~ Think Improvement In Everything You Do

~ THSIEYD ~ Think High Standards In Everything You Do


~ TRRINITMTCDBIDIAHWUT ~ The Real Revolution Is Not In The Machines That Calculate Data But In Data Itself And How We Use It

~ PA ~ Predictive Analytics

~ D ~ Datafication

~ ‘RM’ ~ “Reality Mining”

~ TDOE ~ The Datafication Of Everything

~ WMOEDITMOTILOTCODNE ~ What Makes Our Era Different Is That Many Of The Inherent Limitations On The Collection Of Data No Longer Exists

~ JADCBUMTFTSP-MI-ICBHFMPAW ~ Just As Data Can Be Used Many Times For The Same Purpose – More Importantly – It Can Be Harnessed For Multiple Purposes As Well

~ EASTFAD ~ Economies Are Starting To Form Around Data

~ ABDM ~ A Big-Data Mindset

~ OPAIWCFAWOIS-NS ~ Our Perceptions And Institutions Were Constructed For A World Of Information Scarcity – Not Surfeit

~ CTLGAANTOOSOU ~ Clandestine Three-Letter Government Agencies Are Not The Only Ones Spying On Us

~ TVOINLRSIIPP ~ The Value Of Information No Longer Resides Solely In Its Primary Purpose

~ WCMD&WCMD ~ We Capture More Data And We Combine More Data

~ TUOPTJU ~ The Use Of Predictions To Judge Us

~ TROTA ~ The Rise Of The Algorithmists

~ GTDB ~ Governing The Data Barons

~ BDA ~ Big-Data Auditors


~ DAI ~ Develop An Introduction

~ NUTLIOAFI ~ Never Underestimate The Lasting Impact Of A First Impression

~ FICAS ~ First Impressions Can Assure Success

~ BB&BB&BG ~ Be Brief And Be Bright And Be Gone

~ UYVC ~ Use You Voice Creatively

~ RN ~ Remember Names


~ WAISN ~ We’re All In Sales Now

~ TRONSS ~ The Rise Of Non-Sales Selling

~ ‘SC’ ~ “Social Cartography”

~ FTRPTS ~ Finding The Right Problems To Solve

~ PDMGSFPETTDFPG ~ People Derive Much Greater Satisfaction From Purchasing Experiences Than They Do From Purchasing Goods

~ POFPMITABIMU ~ People Often Find Potential More Interesting Than Accomplishment Because It’s More Uncertain

~ ‘MI’ ~ “Motivational Interviewing”

~ ATFW ~ Ask The Five Whys

~ TUPFAEOSASBWASW-ADGAF ~ The Ultimate Pitch For An Era Of Short Attention Spans Begins With A Single Word – And Doesn’t Go Any Further

~ ‘NOBSIGT’ ~ “Nowadays Only Brutally Simple Ideas Get Through”

~ ASHYP-WDYWTTK?-WDYWTTF?-WDYWTTD? ~ After Someone Hears Your Pitch – What Do You Want Them To Know? – What Do You Want Them To Feel? – What Do You Want Them To Do?

~ WYIIO-WTWBABPTWYB? ~ When Your Interaction Is Over – Will The World Be A Better Place Than When You Began?


~ NEASWKWYWDWIGW ~ Never Enter A Situation Without Knowing What You Will Do When It Goes Wrong

~ NAWSGR ~ Never Argue When Something Goes Right

~ KTDBBAR ~ Know The Difference Between Boldness And Rashness

~ FFTB ~ Fortune Favours The Bold

~ LCTTMP ~ Luck Comes To The Mind Prepared

~ TLBOPLTDPNEFTTTAOOVTTBETROAGT ~ The Little Bits Of Potential Luck That Drift Past Nearly Everybody From Time To Time Are Only Of Value To Those Bold Enough To Reach Out And Grasp Them

~ NCAHWAH ~ Never Confuse A Hunch With A Hope

~ AHWASDBINARH ~ A Hunch Without A Solid Data Base Is Not A Rational Hunch

~ LIWTNOPTKYN ~ Luck Increases With The Number Of People That Know Your Name

~ KWTCYL ~ Know When To Cut Your Losses

~ TYEWR ~ Temper Your Enthusiasm With Realism