~ SYATT ~ See You At The Top

~ GWYWBHEOPGWTWIAPATAT ~ Getting What You Want By Helping Enough Other People Get What They Want Is A Principle And Not A Tactic

~ WARUTTPOCTTCCTC ~ We Are Free Up To The Point Of Choice Then The Choice Controls The Chooser

~ RIOR ~ Respond Instead Of React

~ CTPANTP ~ Criticize The Performance And Not The Performer

~ SMTWGROWWETG ~ So Many Times We Get From Others What We Expect To Get

~ PNA ~ People Need Appreciation

~ ES ~ Enthusiasm Sells

~ BIWYS ~ Believe In What You Sell

~ PBBOWTUAB ~ People Buy Based On What They Understand And Believe

~ PYP ~ Practice Your Pitch

~ BAABFYC ~ Become An Assistant Buyer For Your Customer

~ MYAIDIWGTFGT ~ Many Years Ago I Decided I Was Going To Feel Good Today

~ FTPIPTF ~ Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

~ APCFIT ~ Adequate Planning Compensates For Inadequate Talent

~ LFNLBROC ~ Look For New Leads But Remember Old Customers

~ PSIAA ~ Problem Solving Is An Art

~ WYSWTEOSYTTPYTS ~ When You Speak With The Expectation Of Success You Tend To Propel Yourself Towards Success

~ BC ~ Be Concise

~ DWTPF ~ Deal With The Person First

~ LIAE ~ Life Is An Echo

~ WYSINAIAHS ~ Where You Start Is Not As Important As Having Started

~ WNBGIOTGEATSM ~ We Need Big Goals In Order To Get Excited And To Stay Motivated

~ BLRABPDISS ~ Break Long Range And Big Plans Down Into Smaller Steps

~ DIN ~ Do It Now

~ YMVYG ~ You Must Visualize Your Goals

~ ACE ~ Action Changes Emotion

~ IINWYATIMIIRYG-BWYB ~ It Is Not What You Achieve That Is Most Important In Realizing Your Goals – But What You Become

~ MGAOAWTIOO ~ Major Goals Are Only Achieved With The Involvement Of Others

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