~ WAISN ~ We’re All In Sales Now

~ TRONSS ~ The Rise Of Non-Sales Selling

~ ‘SC’ ~ “Social Cartography”

~ FTRPTS ~ Finding The Right Problems To Solve

~ PDMGSFPETTDFPG ~ People Derive Much Greater Satisfaction From Purchasing Experiences Than They Do From Purchasing Goods

~ POFPMITABIMU ~ People Often Find Potential More Interesting Than Accomplishment Because It’s More Uncertain

~ ‘MI’ ~ “Motivational Interviewing”

~ ATFW ~ Ask The Five Whys

~ TUPFAEOSASBWASW-ADGAF ~ The Ultimate Pitch For An Era Of Short Attention Spans Begins With A Single Word – And Doesn’t Go Any Further

~ ‘NOBSIGT’ ~ “Nowadays Only Brutally Simple Ideas Get Through”

~ ASHYP-WDYWTTK?-WDYWTTF?-WDYWTTD? ~ After Someone Hears Your Pitch – What Do You Want Them To Know? – What Do You Want Them To Feel? – What Do You Want Them To Do?

~ WYIIO-WTWBABPTWYB? ~ When Your Interaction Is Over – Will The World Be A Better Place Than When You Began?


~ NEASWKWYWDWIGW ~ Never Enter A Situation Without Knowing What You Will Do When It Goes Wrong

~ NAWSGR ~ Never Argue When Something Goes Right

~ KTDBBAR ~ Know The Difference Between Boldness And Rashness

~ FFTB ~ Fortune Favours The Bold

~ LCTTMP ~ Luck Comes To The Mind Prepared

~ TLBOPLTDPNEFTTTAOOVTTBETROAGT ~ The Little Bits Of Potential Luck That Drift Past Nearly Everybody From Time To Time Are Only Of Value To Those Bold Enough To Reach Out And Grasp Them

~ NCAHWAH ~ Never Confuse A Hunch With A Hope

~ AHWASDBINARH ~ A Hunch Without A Solid Data Base Is Not A Rational Hunch

~ LIWTNOPTKYN ~ Luck Increases With The Number Of People That Know Your Name

~ KWTCYL ~ Know When To Cut Your Losses

~ TYEWR ~ Temper Your Enthusiasm With Realism