~ IFMPSAFT-IISAFT ~ If Fifty Million People Say A Foolish Thing – It Is Still A Foolish Thing ~ Anatole France

~ SINTTWDKTGUIT-ITTWKTJAS ~ Sometimes It’s Not The Things We Don’t Know That Get Us Into Trouble – It’s The Things We Know That Just Ain’t So ~ Tom Gilovich ~ How We Know What Isn’t So

~ TAIL ~ Trade And Investment Liberalization

~ EWADIASF ~ Every Wrong Attempt Discarded Is Another Step Forward ~ Thomas Edison

~ IHLMFMMTFMS ~ I Have Learned More From My Mistakes Than From My Successes ~ Humphry Davy

~ TANAWTS ~ Things Are Not Always What They Seem ~ Phaedrus

~ ATOWYHTDAEAIWBS ~ Always Think Of What You Have To Do As Easy And It Will Become So ~ Emile Coue

~ TAIL ~ Trade And Investment Liberalization

~ AFITD ~ A Foot In The Door

~ LFTWIDFTL ~ Liberty For The Wolves Is Death For The Lambs ~ Issiah Berlin

~ TSODRIBOT ~ The Story Of Drug Regulation Is Built On Tombstones ~ Michael Harris

~ 10000HOP ~ 10,000 Hours Of Practice ~ Malcom Gladwell ~ Outliers

~ APOSACDHAOAFON ~ A Plethora Of Subtle And Complicated Dogma Have Arisen On A Foundation Of Nonsense ~ Jane Jacobs ~ The Death And Life Of Great American Cities

~ OTNFP ~ Obligations To Nonexistent Future People

~ WJWYTBH ~ We Just Want You To Be Happy

~ DI-TLH ~ Do It – Then Learn How ~ Bill Richmond

~ IYDWYTTACE-TTIPTTY ~ If You Define What You’re Trying To Achieve Clearly Enough – Then The Ideas Present Themselves To You ~ Henry Thorne

~ WARGDSU-GI ~ When A Really Great Dream Shows Up – Grab It ~ Larry Page

~ MID ~ More Is Different ~ Philip Anderson

~ PP-FW-OAUCWBTSOTG-IATTTHFTPISF ~ Players Play – Fans Watch – Owners Are Uniquely Charged With Being The Stewards Of The Game – It’s A Task That They Have Failed To Perform In Spectacular Fashion ~ Dave Zirin ~ Bad Sports

~ ATBOTFC ~ At The Bottom Of The Food Chain

~ NOUIASAAOU ~ None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us ~ James Evered

~ CTBDBTHIIIJAPTACTDATHHL ~ Closing The Barn Door Before The Horse Is In Is Just As Poor Timing As Closing The Door After The Horse Has Left ~ Laurence Peter

~ GMB-R&A&CS&M&W&M~ Goals Must Be – Realistic And Attainable And Clearly Stated And Measurable And Written And Motivating ~ James Evered

~ FHBSFTB ~ Fans Have Become Scenery For Television Broadcasts ~ Dave Zirin ~ Bad Sports

~ IG-WLAOWOMDB ~ In General – We’re Least Aware Of What Our Minds Do Best ~ Marvin Minsky ~ The Society Of Mind

~ TSFNDTBE-MTCDOOT ~ That So Few Now Dare To Be Eccentric – Marks The Chief Danger Of Our Time ~ John Mill

~ IINAETBE ~ It Is Not Always Easy To Be Eccentric ~ Mark Twain

~ TCOHATWTBF-UTATSTBB ~ The Chains Of Habit Are Too Weak To Be Felt – Until They Are Too Strong To Be Broken ~ Samuel Johnson

~ NATIPDSDOWSD-TTWINW-IJD ~ Never Assume That If People Do Something Different Or Want Something Different – That Their Way Is Necessarily Wrong – It’s just different ~ Geoffrey Pike

~ TLOBPWOCDIE ~ The List Of Brilliant People With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Is Endless ~ Clifford Pickover ~ Strange Brains And Genius

~ WAIIOWTAIIU ~ We Are Interested In Others When They Are Interested In Us ~ Publius Syrus

~ TDPIHNITCTBA ~ The Deepest Principle In Human Nature Is The Craving To Be Appreciated ~ William James

~ OLIWOTMI ~ Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It ~ Marcus Aurelius

~ TIL ~ Trade In Lunacy

~ WIT ~ Wrong Ideas Together ~ John Locke

~ AM ~ Animal Magnetism ~ Franz Mesmer

~ THLWL-NOWW ~ Thousands Have Lived Without Love – Not One Without Water ~ Wystan Auden

~ ILGECOBIOW ~ It’s Like Giving Every Can Of Beans Its Own Webpage ~ Joseph Kaye

~ WWWTW? ~ Who Will Watch The Watchers? ~ Juvenal

~ PK-APKA ~ Power Kills – Absolute Power Kills Absolutely ~ Rudollph Rummel ~ Death By Government

~ TLOTAPBTEOTWTO ~ The Limits Of Tyrants Are Prescribed By The Endurance Of Those Whom They Oppress ~ Frederick Douglas

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