~ NEASWKWYWDWIGW ~ Never Enter A Situation Without Knowing What You Will Do When It Goes Wrong

~ NAWSGR ~ Never Argue When Something Goes Right

~ KTDBBAR ~ Know The Difference Between Boldness And Rashness

~ FFTB ~ Fortune Favours The Bold

~ LCTTMP ~ Luck Comes To The Mind Prepared

~ TLBOPLTDPNEFTTTAOOVTTBETROAGT ~ The Little Bits Of Potential Luck That Drift Past Nearly Everybody From Time To Time Are Only Of Value To Those Bold Enough To Reach Out And Grasp Them

~ NCAHWAH ~ Never Confuse A Hunch With A Hope

~ AHWASDBINARH ~ A Hunch Without A Solid Data Base Is Not A Rational Hunch

~ LIWTNOPTKYN ~ Luck Increases With The Number Of People That Know Your Name

~ KWTCYL ~ Know When To Cut Your Losses

~ TYEWR ~ Temper Your Enthusiasm With Realism

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