~ AOU-MTWR-APOTTAU ~ All Of Us – More Than We Recognize – Are Products Of The Thinking Around Us

~ NUYOI&NOTIOO ~ Never Underestimate Your Own Intelligence And Never Overestimate The Intelligence Of Others

~ COYA ~ Concentrate On Your Assets

~ DYST ~ Discover Your Superior Talents

~ ACF-IYF-PID-DEWYAAO-TTA-TISKOAFAKOF ~ Action Cures Fear – Isolate Your Fear – Pin It Down – Determine Exactly What You Are Afraid Of – Then Take Action – There Is Some Kind Of Action For Any Kind Of Fear

~ SB-ASIEMFCD ~ Smile Big – A Smile Is Excellent Medicine For Confidence Deficiency

~ PAVTT ~ Practice Adding Value To Things

~ PAVTP ~ Practice Adding Value To People

~ PAVTY ~ Practice Adding Value To Yourself

~ BTSTAMOATE-AWOLWTT-NBT ~ Big Thinkers See Themselves As Members Of A Team Effort – As Winning Or Losing With The Team – Not By Themselves

~ KYEFOTBO ~ Keep Your Eyes Focused On The Big Objective

~ DFITTT-DBSUSI-COIT ~ Don’t Fall Into The Triviality Trap – Don’t Become Submerged Under Surface Issues – Concentrate On Important Things

~ SO:BICBD ~ Step One: Believe It Can Be Done

~ WYB-YMFWTD ~ When You Believe – Your Mind Finds Ways To Do

~ WNI-BAEP-BUFR ~ Welcome New Ideas – Be An Experimental Person – Break Up Fixed Routines

~ TSCIDWYDB(ITQOYO)ADMOWYD(ITQOYO) ~ The Success Combination Is Do What You Do Better (Improve The Quality Of Your Output) And Do More Of What You Do (Increase The Quantity Of Your Output)

~ BCAYSOA-MIARTSAFPWK ~ Be Careful About Your Source Of Advice – Make It A Rule To Seek Advice From People Who Know

~ AG ~ Avoid Gossip

~ BGN ~ Broadcast Good News

~ WYHOFI-YHYFIT ~ When You Help Others Feel Important – You Help Yourself Feel Important Too

~ PA-W-H-P-C ~ Practice Appreciation – With – Honest – Personalized – Compliments

~ DHG ~ Don’t Hog Glory

~ CG-DBACH-L-WF-A-L ~ Conversation Generosity – Don’t Be A Conversation Hog – Listen – Win Friends – And – Learn

~ HYTWYLDHLIWBUYW ~ How You Think When You Lose Determines How Long It Will Be Until You Win

~ SWYG-IYAGR-TANA ~ Stay With Your Goal – If You Aren’t Getting Result – Try A New Approach

~ BYSO-KWYWTG ~ Before You Start Out – Know Where You Want To Go

~ SRHASEAYCOPYHASISYRD ~ Success Requires Heart And Soul Effort And You Can Only Put Your Heart And Soul Into Something You Really Desire

~ AHLSRTSATCOO ~ Achieving High-Level Success Requires The Support And The Cooperation Of Others

~ LYASYPPF ~ Let Your Action Show You Put People First

~ TEWD ~ Treat Everyone With Dignity

~ RYTTPPILITEI ~ Remind Yourself That The Primary Purpose In Life Is To Enjoy It

~ TIIEYD ~ Think Improvement In Everything You Do

~ THSIEYD ~ Think High Standards In Everything You Do

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