~ S-DACS-IAVSN ~ Specialize – Develop A Core Skill – In A Very Small Niche

~ CANTYE-WYCEASACOBAAL ~ Choose A Niche That You Enjoy – Where You Can Excel And Stand A Chance Of Becoming An Acknowledged Leader

~ RTKIP ~ Realize That Knowledge Is Power

~ IYMAYCCASTB ~ Identify Your Market And Your Core Customers And Serve Them Best

~ IW20POEG80POR ~ Identify Where 20 Percent Of Effort Gives 80 Percent Of Returns

~ LFTB ~ Learn From The Best

~ BSEEIYC ~ Become Self-Employed Early In Your Career

~ EAMNVCAP ~ Employ As Many Net Value Creators As Possible

~ UOCFEBYCS ~ Use Outside Contractors For Everything But Your Core Skill

~ ECL ~ Exploit Capital Leverage

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