~ TRRINITMTCDBIDIAHWUT ~ The Real Revolution Is Not In The Machines That Calculate Data But In Data Itself And How We Use It

~ PA ~ Predictive Analytics

~ D ~ Datafication

~ ‘RM’ ~ “Reality Mining”

~ TDOE ~ The Datafication Of Everything

~ WMOEDITMOTILOTCODNE ~ What Makes Our Era Different Is That Many Of The Inherent Limitations On The Collection Of Data No Longer Exists

~ JADCBUMTFTSP-MI-ICBHFMPAW ~ Just As Data Can Be Used Many Times For The Same Purpose – More Importantly – It Can Be Harnessed For Multiple Purposes As Well

~ EASTFAD ~ Economies Are Starting To Form Around Data

~ ABDM ~ A Big-Data Mindset

~ OPAIWCFAWOIS-NS ~ Our Perceptions And Institutions Were Constructed For A World Of Information Scarcity – Not Surfeit

~ CTLGAANTOOSOU ~ Clandestine Three-Letter Government Agencies Are Not The Only Ones Spying On Us

~ TVOINLRSIIPP ~ The Value Of Information No Longer Resides Solely In Its Primary Purpose

~ WCMD&WCMD ~ We Capture More Data And We Combine More Data

~ TUOPTJU ~ The Use Of Predictions To Judge Us

~ TROTA ~ The Rise Of The Algorithmists

~ GTDB ~ Governing The Data Barons

~ BDA ~ Big-Data Auditors

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