~ EBBP ~ Exercise Boosts Brain Power

~ THBE-T-WDHOBIOH-WHT ~ The Human Brain Evolved – Too ~ We Don’t Have One Brain In Our Heads – We Have Three

~ EBIWD ~ Every Brain Is Wired Differently

~ WDPATBT ~ We Don’t Pay Attention To Boring Things

~ RTR ~ Repeat To Remember

~ RTR ~ Remember To Repeat

~ SW-TW ~ Sleep Well – Think Well

~ SBDLTSW ~ Stressed Brains Don’t Learn The Same Way

~ SMOTS ~ Stimulate More Of The Senses

~ VTAOS ~ Vision Trumps All Other Senses

~ MAFBAD-BWDKITDHS ~ Male And Female Brains Are Different – But We Don’t Know If Those Differences Have Significance

~ WAPANE ~ We Are Powerful And Natural Explorers


~ TBTTHOHIGBLWAIOHWAAITMASIE ~ The Belief That The History Of Humanity Is Governed By Laws Which Are Independent Of Humanity’s Will And Action Is The Most Absurd Superstition In Existence

~ AESTDNCSCINGAFEA ~ Any Economic System That Does Not Consider Social Costs Is Not Giving A Full Economic Accounting

~ MESNBTFAFG-BRTWBOS ~ Market Efficiency Should Not Be The First And Foremost Goal – But Rather The Well-Being Of Society

~ HAMNOTSTOPAMWB-BATLISCAJC ~ Humans Are Motivated Not Only To Secure Their Own Physical And Material Well-Being – But Also To Live In Strong, Cohesive And Just Communities

~ WAMBAWABPO ~ We Are Moral Beings As Well As Being Physical Ones

~ TWNNALF-FMCNHCIBMBATTTTC ~ There Was Nothing Natural About Laissez-Faire – Free Markets Could Never Have Come Into Being Merely By Allowing Things To Take Their Course

~ OOPINAAREAFS-BRACR-GBSAESR ~ Ownership Of Property Is Not An Absolute Right Enjoyed Apart From Society – But Rather A Conditional Right – Granted By Society And Entailing Social Responsibilities

~ ‘TM’ – IAACSBOMML-DBAFTPCTTEOO ~ “The Market” – Is An Artificially Constructed System Based On Man-Made Laws – Designed By And For The Propertied Classes To The Exclusion Of Others